Automatic Density Meter

The Rudolph DDM 2911 Plus / 2911 / 2910 / 2909 Density Meters have the features to meet all the present day industrial needs.

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Digital Refractometer

Rudolph have a large bouquet of various models of Refractometers to choose from. It varies depending on the application, the RI range, accuracy, budget among others.

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Digital Polarimeters

Rudolph manufactures various models of Polarimeters depending on accuracy, resolution, application, Temperature maintenance and budget. They vary from Autopol I to Autopol VI

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AUTOPOL VII Automatic Polarimeter

Rudolph’s latest in the series of Polarimeter - Autpol VII comes with fully automated sample loading combined with versatile sample loading, cell cleaning, rinsing, and drying built-In quartz plates automatically performing 3 point validation etc. comes as a total package.

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Portable Brix Meter

KEM, Japan Brixmeter model BX-1 is an automatic, digital system with an LCD display. The range is continuous between 0 – 85%Brix. The resolution is 0.1%Brix. This system is equipped with temperature compensation and has an IP-65 protection. This means that the system can be washed under the tap directly for cleaning the previous sample.

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Portable Density Meter

The KEM, Japan portable Densitymeter model DA-130N is a microprocessor controlled system with an LCD display. It operates out of the ASTM approved "oscillation of the U-tube" method. It displays Density, Temperature-compensated Density, Specific Gravity, Temperature-compensated Specific Gravity, Brix%, Alcohol Concentration, Sulfuric Acid Concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato degree, Proof degree etc.

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Portable Refractometer

KEM, Japan portable Refractometer model RA130 is a light-weight, easy-to-use and a handy system. It is a microprocessor controlled instrument with an LCD display. The sample can either be dripped on the prism or the prism of the system can also be dipped into the sample beaker to measure RI. Since the system is IP-65 protected the system can be directly immersed into the sample beaker also.

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Texture Analyser

Shimadzu Texture Analyser is ideal and effective for testing Food (Texture Profile Analysis), Pharmaceutical Substances, Packaging materials, Medical Devices etc.. It can be fixed with a variety of jigs and fixtures. For the Food Industries many parameters including Hardness, Brittleness, Adhesiveness, Cohesiveness, Elasticity, Rubberness, Chewability etc. can be obtained from the user friendly software Trapezium X Texture

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Universal / Tensile Testing Machine

Shimadzu Universal Testing Machine helps you to determine Tensile strength , Shear Test , Elongation Test for various materials which includes metals , plastics , rubber , wires etc .

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Contact Angle Meter

Kyowa Contact Angle Meter can perform Sessile Drop Method, Extension/Contraction method, Surface / Interfacial tension of liquids with Pendant drop method, Sliding Method & Dynamic Sliding Method. Model DMe-701 is the most automatic model and even stage movement and Droplet deposition are controlled through the PC. Right from the basest of models right upto Model DMe-701 are available depending on the application, capabilities, budget etc..

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Surface Tensiometer

Surface Tensiometers are widely used to check Surface Tension of Paints , Inks , Additives , Surfactant etc & same instrument is also used for the measurement of IFT - INTERFACIAL TENSION. The Interfacial Tension is mostly used in the study of quality of Transformer Oil.

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Mark-10 Corporation is a world-renowned manufacturer of Force and Torque measurement products. Their product profile includes Force gauges, Torque gauges, Test stands (manual), Test stands (motorised) and Force/Torque indicators.

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Testo 110 - Temperature meter

Testo 110 digital temperature meter can measure temperatures in very low temperature environments.

Key Features:

  • Extremely accurate in very low temperature ranges, i.e. cold storage rooms

  • Optional connectable temperature sensor and wireless sensor for different applications in the field

  • Audible alarm and user-defined threshold

  • HACCP compliant, certified according to EN 13485 for use in the food sector.


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 Testo 6681 - Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

Testo 6681 industrial humidity/temperature transmitter with accuracy up to ±1.0 %RH (depends on the probe), selectable signal outputs, optional display, optional ethernet or profibus module, output of all relevant humidity parameters, optional relay, optional 3rd analog output

Key Features:

  • High-precision Testo humidity sensor with long-term stability for high humidity applications

  • Ethernet, relay and analog outputs enable optimum integration into individual automation systems

  • High-quality digital probes and an intelligent calibration concept

  • Self-monitoring and an early warning function ensure high system availability

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 The Testo 175 T2 temperature data logger is suitable for reliable monitoring of air temperature and to additionally record temperature values on a second channel.

1. Ideal for long-term measurements with capacity of storing 1 million readings and battery life of up to 3 years

2.Wall bracket for wall mounting

3. HACCP-compliant

4. EN 12830 certified,

5. IP 65 Protection class.

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Testo 270 Cooking oil tester

The cooking oil tester testo 270 measures the quality of cooking oil easily, quickly and with reliability. The new testo 270 has an ergonomic design, which prevents the direct exposure of the hand to the hot oil.The clear alarm via the colored backlit display makes it easier to evaluate the cooking oil quality: Green would means the TPM content to be acceptable. Orange: TPM value is borderline. Red: The TPM limit has exceeded the acceptable limits and the oil should not be used anymore.


Important Features:

  • Improved ergonomic handle and rugged design

  • IP-65 casing means that the system can be cleaned under water

  • Large, illuminated back-lit display and LED visual alarm indication

  • Hold and auto-hold function


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• We are happy to inform you that we represent Fujihira, Japan, who are the manufacturers of many instruments including Soil Crusher for preparation of samples for analysis in Atomic Abrosbtion or ICP or Auto Analysers or UV spectrophotometer or manual sample analysis.

• The system SSM-3 has hexagonal rollers and an oscillating sieve. It also has a duct to connect the home vacuum cleaner in the system. This would totally remove the dust created during the crushing process. Thus the system can also be housed inside a laboratory.

• The SSM-3’s hexagonal rollers crushes the soil into powder and this would be sieved into a homogenous sample by the siever which can be 1 or 2mm. The pebbles not crushed by the roller would be collected separately in another container.

• The principals have clarified that the crusher works very fast and the attachment gives you the needed information about the time taken for crushing different soils.

• The crusher hexagonal wheel is made of stain less steel and manufacturer confirms that this SS material is the most suitable for this purpose and many internationally reputed institutes and labs in Japan use this only. In fact this has been designed in cooperation with The national institute of agricultural research Japan and you can view their website:

• This system would cost you about approx. Rs. 6 lakhs. Please visit URL & watch the working of the instrument in the film:

Advantages using Soil Crusher & Seiver o The crushing & seiving is done automatically , time required is very less as compared to the manual method.

  • The machine is connected to household vaccum cleaner so the dust is pulled out if any.
  • Small to pebbles are easily removed by the machine without crushing.
  • The machine is connected to household vaccum cleaner so the dust is pulled out if any.

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