Automatic Density Meter

The Rudolph DDM 2911 Plus / 2911 / 2910 / 2909 Density Meters have the features to meet all the present day industrial needs.

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Digital Refractometer

Rudolph have a large bouquet of various models of Refractometers to choose from. It varies depending on the application, the RI range, accuracy, budget among others.

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Digital Polarimeters

Rudolph manufactures various models of Polarimeters depending on accuracy, resolution, application, Temperature maintenance and budget. They vary from Autopol I to Autopol VI

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AUTOPOL VII Automatic Polarimeter

Rudolph’s latest in the series of Polarimeter - Autpol VII comes with fully automated sample loading combined with versatile sample loading, cell cleaning, rinsing, and drying built-In quartz plates automatically performing 3 point validation etc. comes as a total package.

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Portable Brix Meter

KEM, Japan Brixmeter model BX-1 is an automatic, digital system with an LCD display. The range is continuous between 0 – 85%Brix. The resolution is 0.1%Brix. This system is equipped with temperature compensation and has an IP-65 protection. This means that the system can be washed under the tap directly for cleaning the previous sample.

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Portable Density Meter

The KEM, Japan portable Densitymeter model DA-130N is a microprocessor controlled system with an LCD display. It operates out of the ASTM approved "oscillation of the U-tube" method. It displays Density, Temperature-compensated Density, Specific Gravity, Temperature-compensated Specific Gravity, Brix%, Alcohol Concentration, Sulfuric Acid Concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato degree, Proof degree etc.

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Portable Refractometer

KEM, Japan portable Refractometer model RA130 is a light-weight, easy-to-use and a handy system. It is a microprocessor controlled instrument with an LCD display. The sample can either be dripped on the prism or the prism of the system can also be dipped into the sample beaker to measure RI. Since the system is IP-65 protected the system can be directly immersed into the sample beaker also.

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Texture Analyser

Shimadzu Texture Analyser is ideal and effective for testing Food (Texture Profile Analysis), Pharmaceutical Substances, Packaging materials, Medical Devices etc.. It can be fixed with a variety of jigs and fixtures. For the Food Industries many parameters including Hardness, Brittleness, Adhesiveness, Cohesiveness, Elasticity, Rubberness, Chewability etc. can be obtained from the user friendly software Trapezium X Texture

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Universal / Tensile Testing Machine

Shimadzu Universal Testing Machine helps you to determine Tensile strength , Shear Test , Elongation Test for various materials which includes metals , plastics , rubber , wires etc .

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Contact Angle Meter

Kyowa Contact Angle Meter can perform Sessile Drop Method, Extension/Contraction method, Surface / Interfacial tension of liquids with Pendant drop method, Sliding Method & Dynamic Sliding Method. Model DMe-701 is the most automatic model and even stage movement and Droplet deposition are controlled through the PC. Right from the basest of models right upto Model DMe-701 are available depending on the application, capabilities, budget etc..

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Surface Tensiometer

Surface Tensiometers are widely used to check Surface Tension of Paints , Inks , Additives , Surfactant etc & same instrument is also used for the measurement of IFT - INTERFACIAL TENSION. The Interfacial Tension is mostly used in the study of quality of Transformer Oil.

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Mark-10 Corporation is a world-renowned manufacturer of Force and Torque measurement products. Their product profile includes Force gauges, Torque gauges, Test stands (manual), Test stands (motorised) and Force/Torque indicators.

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The Butyro-scale is specific for Ghee (clarified butter) and for edible oils. The application for Ghee is to find out whether there is any adulteration with plant fat.

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The FAstlab is the system to find out free Water in samples. This denotes the shelf-life of the food product.


MODEL INFRANEO: The Chopin Model Infraneo is an NIR system’s principle functionality is through Transmission. It helps to determine rapidly parameters such as Protein, Moisture, Specific weight etc in a very short time. The primary analysis for these parameters take a very long time and thus the Infraneo becomes a very important tool during processing. This system can analyse both whole grains and also powder.

This system works very efficiently even when calibrations are transferred between the equipments. As such, multiple users can use this system in many of their locations and transfer the calibration taken from one location easily to another.

MODEL INFRANEO JUNIOR: This is a low-cost version of Infraneo and has limited calibration features compared to Infraneo.

In both the above machines, the operator can easily change the lamp.


• A single device to analyze whole grains, flour, brans and other powdered products including semolina, couscous, and bulgur

• Wide range of pre-set calibrations included

• Multilingual interface Simplicity

• Results are generated in 60 seconds, no matter how many parameters are measured

• Self-adjusting measuring cell (wheat, corn, canola, flour)

• Export and use of results in Excel to simplify data processing Reliability

• The measuring system uses a high quality monochromator and transmittance technology, in conjunction with robust calibrations, to ensure precise results

• Durable hardware and stable performance over time thanks to SAM (Self Adjustment of Monochromator) technology

• Can be networked with NIR analyzers (standardization)

• Protection from dust and humidity

• Integrated cleaning system

• Results generated independently of temperature

• Storage of up to 100,000 saved analyses for permanent monitoring Reduced maintenance requirements

• User-serviceable, easy-to-change lamp

• Remote maintenance function, enabling CHOPIN Technologies to maintain the device remotely Modular design

• A specific weight module or an authorized Aqua-TR humidimeter complements the results obtained

• Available integration with the GESTAR automated on-receipt inspection system

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The Gluten Analyser is a system consisting of Gluten Washer and a Centrifuge. The Gluten Washer is the one which washes the washable protein and the starches. The rest would be the Gluten quantity.

The Centrifuge would give the Gluten quality.

BASTAK GLUETN ANALYSER: This is a system which analyses both quality and the quantity of the gluten in Wheat as well as flour. It consists of a Gluten Washer and a centrifuge.

The system is according to ICC and AACC methods.

The sample Wheat would be ground into flour and it would be washed in the washer. The washer pumps in saline liquid and it washes out the starches and washable protein. What remains in the receptacle is the gluten. When weighed it represents the quantity of gluten.This gluten is then transferred to the sieve cassette and placed inside the centrifuge. After a minute of rotation it is taken out and the gluten which passes out of the cassette is weighed. This divided by the total weight and multiplied by 100 would give the quality of the gluten. Both quality and the quantity are very important. This is because a good quantity need not necessarily represent a good quality.

The Gluten Analyser also has a third part which is the heater. When the total gluten is placed into it and dried, it gives the dry gluten value.

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