Automatic Density Meter

The Rudolph DDM 2911 Plus / 2911 / 2910 / 2909 Density Meters have the features to meet all the present day industrial needs.

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Digital Refractometer

Rudolph have a large bouquet of various models of Refractometers to choose from. It varies depending on the application, the RI range, accuracy, budget among others.

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Digital Polarimeters

Rudolph manufactures various models of Polarimeters depending on accuracy, resolution, application, Temperature maintenance and budget. They vary from Autopol I to Autopol VI

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AUTOPOL VII Automatic Polarimeter

Rudolph’s latest in the series of Polarimeter - Autpol VII comes with fully automated sample loading combined with versatile sample loading, cell cleaning, rinsing, and drying built-In quartz plates automatically performing 3 point validation etc. comes as a total package.

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Portable Brix Meter

KEM, Japan Brixmeter model BX-1 is an automatic, digital system with an LCD display. The range is continuous between 0 – 85%Brix. The resolution is 0.1%Brix. This system is equipped with temperature compensation and has an IP-65 protection. This means that the system can be washed under the tap directly for cleaning the previous sample.

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Portable Density Meter

The KEM, Japan portable Densitymeter model DA-130N is a microprocessor controlled system with an LCD display. It operates out of the ASTM approved "oscillation of the U-tube" method. It displays Density, Temperature-compensated Density, Specific Gravity, Temperature-compensated Specific Gravity, Brix%, Alcohol Concentration, Sulfuric Acid Concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato degree, Proof degree etc.

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Portable Refractometer

KEM, Japan portable Refractometer model RA130 is a light-weight, easy-to-use and a handy system. It is a microprocessor controlled instrument with an LCD display. The sample can either be dripped on the prism or the prism of the system can also be dipped into the sample beaker to measure RI. Since the system is IP-65 protected the system can be directly immersed into the sample beaker also.

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Texture Analyser

Shimadzu Texture Analyser is ideal and effective for testing Food (Texture Profile Analysis), Pharmaceutical Substances, Packaging materials, Medical Devices etc.. It can be fixed with a variety of jigs and fixtures. For the Food Industries many parameters including Hardness, Brittleness, Adhesiveness, Cohesiveness, Elasticity, Rubberness, Chewability etc. can be obtained from the user friendly software Trapezium X Texture

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Universal / Tensile Testing Machine

Shimadzu Universal Testing Machine helps you to determine Tensile strength , Shear Test , Elongation Test for various materials which includes metals , plastics , rubber , wires etc .

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Contact Angle Meter

Kyowa Contact Angle Meter can perform Sessile Drop Method, Extension/Contraction method, Surface / Interfacial tension of liquids with Pendant drop method, Sliding Method & Dynamic Sliding Method. Model DMe-701 is the most automatic model and even stage movement and Droplet deposition are controlled through the PC. Right from the basest of models right upto Model DMe-701 are available depending on the application, capabilities, budget etc..

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Surface Tensiometer

Surface Tensiometers are widely used to check Surface Tension of Paints , Inks , Additives , Surfactant etc & same instrument is also used for the measurement of IFT - INTERFACIAL TENSION. The Interfacial Tension is mostly used in the study of quality of Transformer Oil.

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Mark-10 Corporation is a world-renowned manufacturer of Force and Torque measurement products. Their product profile includes Force gauges, Torque gauges, Test stands (manual), Test stands (motorised) and Force/Torque indicators.

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11 – 13 August 2014

Essential Oil Association

Grand Hyatt, Goa

Stall No. 17


22 – 24 August 2014

Food & Bevtech 2014

Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

Stall No:  A33 - 9


22  - 24 August 2014

Graintech 2014

Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bangalore

Stall No: F-23 – 9





RUDOLPH DENSITYMETER DDM RANGE: All the models of the DDM range are totally automatic, digital and have a built-in, touch-sensitive screen. They can control the temperature of the sample through electronic heating and cooling – Peltier method. The VideoView which is patented in the name of Rudolph comes with the basic unit. The entire U-tube is also scanned with a 10X camera. This ensures even the smallest bubbles to be magnified 10 times and the images are shown live in the screen. The range is between 0 – 3 g/cm3. The min volume of sample required is 1ml. The systems are equipped with 5 USB Ports, 2 RS232 Ports, Ehternet Port for Network Connection, Keyboard, Barcode Scanner, Mouse, Network capabilities.

They have a built-in 8GB Non-removable Compact Flast Internal Memory and the entire system would be driven by Embedded Win 7 OS. With calibration in one temperature the system works throughout the temperature range.

Models 2910 & 2911 can also be equipped with a 21CFR Part 11 module and it is easily enabled through the digital touch screen and come with either NIST or UKAS traceable standards.

The differences between the various models lie in the resolution, repeatability and accuracy.

  • Baumé of Hydrochloric Acid
  • Normality of Sulfuric Acid
  • Density of Gasses and Aerosols
  • Drug to Propellant Ratio
  • Lead Content
  • ppm Gold in Acid
  • % Toluene in Heptane
  • Fat in Lubricant
  • Mole Fraction of Methanol
  • % HNO3
  • Monomer Solutions
  • Potassium Permanganate
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Molar Solutions of EDTA
  • SG of Urine
  • Sweeteners
  • Sodium Hydroxide
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The Bibby RS Series Reaction Stations are used for a wide range of applications from simple synthesis to process optimisation. Bibby have 5 Heater/Stirrer Reaction Stations (RS600, RS900, RS1000, RS2500 and RS5000) and 1 Heater/Shaker Reaction Station (RS9000) in the RS series range.

Model RS600 RS900 RS1000 RS2500 (and RS2400) RS5000
Stirred positions 6 10 10 25 (24 for RS2400) 50
Tube Diameter 57.5mm 24 or 25mm 24 or 25mm 24 or 25mm 24 or 25mm
Stir speed range 400 to 2000rpm 400 to 2000rpm 400 to 2000rpm 400 to 2000rpm 400 to 2000rpm
Soft start (to full ramp) Adjustable 0- 10 mins Adjustable 0- 10 mins Adjustable 0- 10 mins Adjustable 0- 10 mins Adjustable 0- 10 mins
Temperature Range (ambient) Ambient to 250°C Ambient to 150°C Ambient to 150°C Ambient to 150°C Ambient to 150°C
Temp Stability ± 0.5°C ± 0.5°C ± 0.5°C ± 0.5°C ± 0.5°C
Time to maxmin temp 15 min 15 min 15 min 30 min 30 min
Interface ports RS232, RS485 & manual RS232 & manual RS232, RS485 & manual RS232, RS485 & manual RS232, RS485 & manual
Shipping Weight 10kg 5.4kg 4kg 10kg 13.8kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 248 x 312 x 157mm 240 x 140 x 215mm 80 x 150 x 305mm 250 x 145 x 365mm 250 x 145 x 460mm
Power consumption 600W 300W 300W: 600W for RS1000H 800W 800W


RS600 STEM Reaction Stations


RS1000 STEM Reaction Stations


RS5000 STEM Reaction Stations


RS9000 Heater/Shaker Reaction Station

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Bibby offers a comprehensive range of hotplate stirrers.  The units are available in two sizes 16x16cm and 30x30cm. 30x30cm units have simple analogue control and are available with either a robust metal alloy surface or a chemically resistant ceramic one. The 16x16cm units are available with simple analogue control, digital control and there are also units that are analogue but can be controlled by a seperate temperature controller. All are available with metal or ceramic surfaces. There is also an infra red model, the CR302 which offers infra red heating rather than resistance elements, allowing for faster heating rates.

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UC152 & US152 Hotplate Stirrers


SCT1 temperature controller


Heating Blocks


Hotplate stirrer 16x16cm Digital


Hotplate Stirrer 30x30cm Analogue


Hotplate Stirrer Multiposition


Hotplate Stirrer 30x30cm Infra Red




Roughly speaking Brix is a scale which denotes sugar in distilled water weight/weight.  Actually speaking, Brix denotes the Sucrose in distilled water.  But we generally take it as total sugar dissolved in a liquid sample (juice for example) due to the fact that the other sugars are negligible.


This concept has found many takers in the soft drink industries where the Refractometer is used to find out Brix to control the sugar which is the costliest ingredient in an aerated drink or juice.




There is a known correlation between the Brix and the gelatin sol (colloidal suspension of very small solid particles in a liquid medium).  To arrive the gelatin concentration from Brix, one has to multiply the Brix value by 0.8.


For example if the Brix value was 20, then the gelatin would be 16% gelatin by weight.


The hand-held Brixmeters are a useful tool in the shop-floor of gelatin industries.




The Ripeness of fruits is determined by the Brix value of its juice.

Brix is being used as a major factor to determine the harvest time. Mangoes and Grapes are two fruits where the Brix is being used widely to determine when they are to be harvested. This is due to the fact that they are commercial crops.

Brix in Grapes has more application as different types of wine demands Grapes with varied ripening levels.

There are also many NIR systems available in the market to determine the ripeness of fruits. They also use the data from a Brixmeter to build-up a robust calibration. The major problem with an NIR could be the different hues the fruits might take and this has to be factored in before we could have a decent correlation.




Three samples were tested for Brix. Sample no. 1 was a commercially available Mango juice brand X, sample no. 2 was also a mango juice of brand Y and sample no. 3. Ravi brand Tea. The tea was mixed with milk and sugar. The samples were tested in hand-held Brixmeter and portable Densitymeter.


After some pondering, the following conjenctures were arrived at.

a) While the Hand-held Brixmeter finds out the Brix through RI, the portable Densitymeter finds out the Brix through the Density of the sample

b) While Brand X was a Mango juice, the Brand Y that we tested was Apple juice.

c) The reason why Ravi's tea showed such a big jump in Brix when tested out of Density was that the milk and the tea dust or leaves boiled in water have all added to its density apart from the sugar added.





Brand X



Brand Y



Tea served by Ravi






To find out the RI value of Glycerine; which is very much hygroscopic in nature through digital refrectometer its important that sample has to analyse at 20 Deg C and homogeneous temperature has to maintain through prism surface as well pressure (cover) for avoiding the fluctuation in RI readings.



Products and Accessories

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