Automatic Density Meter

The Rudolph DDM 2911 Plus / 2911 / 2910 / 2909 Density Meters have the features to meet all the present day industrial needs.

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Digital Refractometer

Rudolph have a large bouquet of various models of Refractometers to choose from. It varies depending on the application, the RI range, accuracy, budget among others.

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Digital Polarimeters

Rudolph manufactures various models of Polarimeters depending on accuracy, resolution, application, Temperature maintenance and budget. They vary from Autopol I to Autopol VI

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AUTOPOL VI Automatic Polarimeter

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Portable Brix Meter

KEM, Japan Brixmeter model BX-1 is an automatic, digital system with an LCD display. The range is continuous between 0 – 85%Brix. The resolution is 0.1%Brix. This system is equipped with temperature compensation and has an IP-65 protection. This means that the system can be washed under the tap directly for cleaning the previous sample.

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Portable DensityMeter

The KEM, Japan portable Densitymeter model DA-130N is a microprocessor controlled system with an LCD display. It operates out of the ASTM approved "oscillation of the U-tube" method. It displays Density, Temperature-compensated Density, Specific Gravity, Temperature-compensated Specific Gravity, Brix%, Alcohol Concentration, Sulfuric Acid Concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato degree, Proof degree etc.

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Portable Refractometer

KEM, Japan portable Refractometer model RA130 is a light-weight, easy-to-use and a handy system. It is a microprocessor controlled instrument with an LCD display. The sample can either be dripped on the prism or the prism of the system can also be dipped into the sample beaker to measure RI. Since the system is IP-65 protected the system can be directly immersed into the sample beaker also.

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Texture Analyser

Shimadzu Texture Analyser is ideal and effective for testing Food (Texture Profile Analysis), Pharmaceutical Substances, Packaging materials, Medical Devices etc.. It can be fixed with a variety of jigs and fixtures. For the Food Industries many parameters including Hardness, Brittleness, Adhesiveness, Cohesiveness, Elasticity, Rubberness, Chewability etc. can be obtained from the user friendly software Trapezium X Texture

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Shimadzu Universal Testing Machine helps you to determine Tensile strength , Shear Test , Elongation Test for various materials which includes metals , plastics , rubber , wires etc .

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Contact Angle Meter

Kyowa Contact Angle Meter can perform Sessile Drop Method, Extension/Contraction method, Surface / Interfacial tension of liquids with Pendant drop method, Sliding Method & Dynamic Sliding Method. Model DMe-701 is the most automatic model and even stage movement and Droplet deposition are controlled through the PC. Right from the basest of models right upto Model DMe-701 are available depending on the application, capabilities, budget etc..

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Surface Tensiometer

Surface Tensiometers are widely used to check Surface Tension of Paints , Inks , Additives , Surfactant etc & same instrument is also used for the measurement of IFT - INTERFACIAL TENSION. The Interfacial Tension is mostly used in the study of quality of Transformer Oil.

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The J57TPN is intended for use in hospital pharmacies to monitor the quality of parenteral nutrition mixtures and ensure compliance with USP<797>. It is also useful in preventing the diversion of narcotics and other controlled materials. The J57TPN provides a fast, easy to use way to check on materials returned from the operation theatre or incorrectly issued from the pharmacy.


The first decade of the 21st Century has seen dramatic changes in health system pharmacies. New regulations such as USP<797> are forcing compounding pharmacies to do quality checks that were previously only required of pharmaceutical manufacturers. The J57TPN from Rudolph Research Analytical is designed to comply with this new regulatory environment.

Drug Diversion Monitoring

The J57TPN also doubles as a refractometer to monitor potential drug diversion issues. Ever more strict laws mean a health system must be aware of what is happening with controlled substances. Measuring operating theater returns and similar movements of controlled substances can be a key part of an organization's policy on meeting these laws.

Automatic Measuring System

The J57TPN features a fully automatic measuring system. The operator simply places the sample on the prism, presses a button and the result is displayed on a 7.5cm x 10cm backlit LCD. There are no shadow lines to match and there is no eyepiece requiring operator determination or manual adjustment.

Pharmacy Relevant Calculations

The J57TPN has built-in comparison and calculations. The user enters the % Dextrose and % Amino Acid and the instrument displays both the calculated and measured result, making it easy for an operator to see if the material is within specification.

Electronic Temperature Control

Refractive Index is a temperature sensitive property. For many years pharmacies largely ignored this fact or used sugar based temperature correction. Pharmaceutical manufacturers who were constrained by USP guidelines were not able to ignore this as USP<831> clearly states that they had to measure at a controlled temperature, generally 20°C. Now that pharmacies are under similar pressure, temperature sensitivity also must be considered. Fortunately with the J57TPN, old style circulating baths are a thing of the past and sucrose based mathematical approximations are not needed because of the instrument's built in electronic heating and cooling which ensures the sample is measured at 20°C every time.

Electronic Record Keeping Option

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In the modern pharmacy, making a test is not enough. The pharmacy has to prove not only that they did the test, but who did it, when they did it, and if the instrument was correctly calibrated. The J57TPN MMC helps with this by providing full electronic records of every measurement, in line with US FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11. As well as making a system much easier to use, the MMC option can also assist by enabling a pharmacy to avoid locating printers in a clean room, something that is always difficult to manage under USP<797> guidelines.

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

Hospital pharmacies are not laboratories and pharmacy staff training does not focus on laboratory techniques. The J57TPN is designed for an environment where making measurements easily and quickly is the most important goal:

  • The sample area is flat and extremely easy to clean.
  • Having just a few buttons and only pharmacy specific options makes operation simple and straight forward.
  •  Its low profile design is ideal for use in a biological cabinet.


J57TPN Specifications

Measurement Scales Refractive Index (RI)
BRIX (% sucrose)
Urine Specific Gravity
Measurement Range 1.33 - 1.53 RI,
0 - 95 BRIX
1.00 - 1.04 Urine SG
Resolution 0.00001 RI
0.01 BRIX
0.0001 Urine SG
Reproducibility ±0.00002 RI,
±0.0l5 BRIX
±0.0001 Urine SG
Accuracy ±0.00002 RI,
±0.02 BRIX
±0.0001 Urine SG
Optical Wavelength 589.3nm
Prism Artificial Sapphire
Light Source Light Emitting Diode (est. life: >100,000 hrs.)
Response Time Continuous readout or user programmable delay (i.e. a 25°C sample can be cooled to 20°C, measured in 40 seconds)
Communication Interface Two RS232 ports
One parallel printer port
One auxiliary port
Control Temperature 20°C or 25°C (customer specified)
Temp. Accuracy 0.05°C
Ambient Temp. Limit 10°C - 40°C
Temp. Correction Range 18ºC - 40ºC (for pure sucrose solutions)
Temp. Measurement & Control Prism surface
Calibration 1, 2 or full multi-point calibration
Operating Dimensions L: 15.5"  W: 10"  H: 4.5"  / 23 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions L: 26"  W: 21"  H: 16" / 30 lbs.
Power Requirements 100-240 volts, 50 Hz - 60 Hz

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