Automatic Density Meter

The Rudolph DDM 2911 Plus / 2911 / 2910 / 2909 Density Meters have the features to meet all the present day industrial needs.

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Digital Refractometer

Rudolph have a large bouquet of various models of Refractometers to choose from. It varies depending on the application, the RI range, accuracy, budget among others.

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Digital Polarimeters

Rudolph manufactures various models of Polarimeters depending on accuracy, resolution, application, Temperature maintenance and budget. They vary from Autopol I to Autopol VI

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AUTOPOL VII Automatic Polarimeter

Rudolph’s latest in the series of Polarimeter - Autpol VII comes with fully automated sample loading combined with versatile sample loading, cell cleaning, rinsing, and drying built-In quartz plates automatically performing 3 point validation etc. comes as a total package.

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Portable Brix Meter

KEM, Japan Brixmeter model BX-1 is an automatic, digital system with an LCD display. The range is continuous between 0 – 85%Brix. The resolution is 0.1%Brix. This system is equipped with temperature compensation and has an IP-65 protection. This means that the system can be washed under the tap directly for cleaning the previous sample.

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Portable Density Meter

The KEM, Japan portable Densitymeter model DA-130N is a microprocessor controlled system with an LCD display. It operates out of the ASTM approved "oscillation of the U-tube" method. It displays Density, Temperature-compensated Density, Specific Gravity, Temperature-compensated Specific Gravity, Brix%, Alcohol Concentration, Sulfuric Acid Concentration, API degree, Baume degree, Plato degree, Proof degree etc.

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Portable Refractometer

KEM, Japan portable Refractometer model RA130 is a light-weight, easy-to-use and a handy system. It is a microprocessor controlled instrument with an LCD display. The sample can either be dripped on the prism or the prism of the system can also be dipped into the sample beaker to measure RI. Since the system is IP-65 protected the system can be directly immersed into the sample beaker also.

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Texture Analyser

Shimadzu Texture Analyser is ideal and effective for testing Food (Texture Profile Analysis), Pharmaceutical Substances, Packaging materials, Medical Devices etc.. It can be fixed with a variety of jigs and fixtures. For the Food Industries many parameters including Hardness, Brittleness, Adhesiveness, Cohesiveness, Elasticity, Rubberness, Chewability etc. can be obtained from the user friendly software Trapezium X Texture

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Universal / Tensile Testing Machine

Shimadzu Universal Testing Machine helps you to determine Tensile strength , Shear Test , Elongation Test for various materials which includes metals , plastics , rubber , wires etc .

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Contact Angle Meter

Kyowa Contact Angle Meter can perform Sessile Drop Method, Extension/Contraction method, Surface / Interfacial tension of liquids with Pendant drop method, Sliding Method & Dynamic Sliding Method. Model DMe-701 is the most automatic model and even stage movement and Droplet deposition are controlled through the PC. Right from the basest of models right upto Model DMe-701 are available depending on the application, capabilities, budget etc..

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Surface Tensiometer

Surface Tensiometers are widely used to check Surface Tension of Paints , Inks , Additives , Surfactant etc & same instrument is also used for the measurement of IFT - INTERFACIAL TENSION. The Interfacial Tension is mostly used in the study of quality of Transformer Oil.

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Mark-10 Corporation is a world-renowned manufacturer of Force and Torque measurement products. Their product profile includes Force gauges, Torque gauges, Test stands (manual), Test stands (motorised) and Force/Torque indicators.

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Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan are popular manufacturers of numerous analytical instruments, including portable densitymeters, refractometers, and Brix meters and table-top gas volume analysers. Since being founded in 1961, KEM has focussed only oninnovating solutions for niche applications by developing and manufacturing analytical and measuring instruments for dedicated applications. 

Agaram’s association with KEM began in the year 2010 – and has since then turned out to be a profitable partnership for both the companies. 

The portable instruments from KEM find varied applications in the fields of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, flavours and fragrances, and distilleries. The gas volume analysers are predominantly used in soft drinks and beverage manufacturing units.

The following are some of the most widely-used instruments of KEM:

(i) Portable Density Meter (DA-130N)

 A density meter is used to measure the density of liquids. The portable version of density meters might have lesser accuracy than the table-top ones, but are best suited for applications where pinpoint accuracy is not what is wanted, but quick operation and instant measurement is.

KEM’s offering of a portable density meter, called the DA-130N, works on the basis of the U-tube oscillation method. This method is approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The DA130N has an ingenious but simple design where the electronics are housed far away from the U-tube. This is to ensure that the volatility of certain samples and the fumes of the acids do not harm the electronics.

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(ii) Portable Refractometer (RA-130)

A refractometer is meant to measure the refractive index (RI) of liquid samples. In applications where accuracy is not of much importance, the portable refractometer can do the job as it gets you the value quickly.

KEM’s portable refractometer is called the RA-130. There are two ways in which you can measure the refractive index (RI) of a liquid sample using the RA-130:

• You can drop the sample on the prism.
• The prism part can be dipped inside the sample beaker.

You also have the choice of enabling automatic data saving and data output, with the capacity to save a maximum of 1100 results.

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(iii) Portable Brix Meter (BX-1)

In industries where the amount of sucrose is important, Brix is an important parameter and hence Brix meters have to be used. In most industries, measurement would need to be done for numerous samples in a shot span and hence a portable Brix meter would be the best fit.

KEM’s portable Brix meter, the BX1, is a digital device which can measure the Brix percentage for samples which are between 10 and 75°C.

To withstand the demands of industries, where they would be subjected to rough usage, the BX-1 is water-proof and dust-proof.

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(iv) Gas Volume Analyser (GVA-700)

In the field of beverages and aerated drinks, it is important to measure the volume of gas or internal pressure in the containers. To measure these parameters, a gas volume analyser would be of use.

KEM manufactures its own gas volume analyser and calls it the GVA-700. The GVA-700 can accommodate bottles of various sizes, including PET bottles of 2L or less.

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Pure Leaf M210

  • Tissues has low linting.
  • Non abrasive texture.
  • Offers surface cleaning without scratching.
  • Solvent and chemical resistant.

Pure Lead ST280

  • Disposable wipers used for cleaning lab instrument and electronic items.
  • Has low linting property.
  • Solvent and chemical resistant.


PeCOD offers unique nanotechnology-based approach to COD analysis that overcomes many of the problems encountered by existing COD analysis methods, making it the new global standard for COD analysis in laboratories, municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial production facilities.

The PeCOD approach measures photocurrent charge originating from the oxidation of organic species contained in a sample to quantify COD. The result is that the user obtains the most accurate measurement of organic pollution, in less than 15 minutes, with no use of dichromate or other hazardous chemicals. The PeCOD system can be used as a Lab-model or a Portable or an online system.

Benefits of PeCOD :

  • The fastest available method for COD analysis
  • Does not use dichromate and other hazardous chemicals
  • An excellent BOD screening tool
  • Proven COD technology

Products and Accessories

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