With 33 years of experience in handling Flow Analysers we are introducing Astoria Pacific Continuous Flow Analysers into India. Astoria Pacific is from Oregon, USA and has a rich experience of installing their systems in more than 1000 Laboratories all over the World. The installations include in labs in Fertilizer, Water, Sea Water, Effluent, Drinking Water, Plant, Soil, Tobacco, Pharma etc.

Continuous Flow Analyser is the flagship product of Astoria Pacific’s Industrial Group. Their model Astoria II is ideal for laboratories for testing one to six parameters from a single sample.

Astoria also manufactures Discrete Analyser systems apart from the Continuous Flow Analysers.

Apart from a whole lot of advantages over the competition the foot print of Astoria systems are very small. With the Lab space becoming premium, this is also an important advantage of Astoria.

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