Biological monitoring is increasingly important for testing the quality of water. Several biological test systems using different organisms exist. However, the test involving light emitting bacteria, is found to be the fastest and most reliable method. The ToxTracer System is a bioassay is based on this principle of inhibition of the natural bioluminescence of the marine bacterium Vibrio fischeri. Toxicants in the water sample inhibit the light emission of V. fischeri what can be measured with the Skalar ToxTracer Luminometer.
The test permits the user to detect rapidly toxic compounds in aqueous solutions. Especially when it concerns unknown poisonous chemicals, the method is preferable over the time consuming and laborious physical / chemical methods. Because of the fast metabolism of the bacterial cell this assay is much faster then other comparable bio-tests. The test can be accomplished within 30 minutes using the Skalar ToxTracer system.

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