The CD1 standardised test mill enables you to obtain test flour that is representative of your industrial milling process in a rapid manner so that they can be used in your quality checks.



  • Selection of the wheat and of the mixtures to be created.
  • Estimating the milling value (extraction rate, behaviour of the wheat during the milling, etc.).
  • Characterisation of the flour obtained.

Acknowledged efficiency:
By using CD1, you are complying with the NF IN ISO 27971 and AFNOR XP V03-170 standards which describe the test milling methodology for analysis with the Alveograph (comparisons between laboratories, commercial wheat transactions, etc.).

The advantages of the CD1 test mill
By means of fixed settings that match your process, you easily achieve a milling of your products that is similar to that effected in your industrial equipment.

Quality of the rheological analyses
The quality of the flour produced provides you with a medium that is optimal for performing quality control analyses.

A lower maintenance requirement
In the context of normal use, the virtually inexhaustible cylinders give you the peace of mind that is inherent in a lower maintenance requirement


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