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The heart of the Continuous Flow Analyser lies in the Chemistry section. Skalar has hundreds of applications to choose from. This section also known as cartridge represents one parameter. Depending on the parameter the cartridge would have glass coils of varied dia, length, dialyzer, auto dilution facility and so on.

The latest developments in Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA) have been integrated into the chemistry modules.

The throughput of the analyzer depends upon application and can vary from 25 to 120 analysis per hour. This is influenced by complex manipulations such as automatic distillation, in-line UV digestion, extraction, etc.

  • Robust unique double diameter pump deck for accurate dosing with 32 pump tubes.
  • 2 separated pump decks for 2 x 2 channel concept.
  • Controlled synchronized 8 channel air injection with separated build-in compressor for increased flow stability and fast start up.
  • Easy access to chemistry cartridges with flexible ultra low carry-over connections between dialysers, reactors, coils, flow cells and other components.
  • Leak detection
  • 3 - cuffs long life pump tubes.
  • Manual operated and automatic rinsing valves for easy automatic start up and overnight operation.

The Chemistry section is compact and easy to handle. It houses up to 5 chemistry cartridges with build in robust dosing pump and air injection system, up to 5 easy interchangeable cartridges with build in photometric detectors and 5 separate waste receptacles.

  • Heating (Flash animation)
  • Dialysis (Flash animation)
  • Distillation (Flash animation)
  • UV digestion (Flash animation) 

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