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Category For pasta factories
Type Dryers
Max kneading vat capacity  
Engine 16500 Watt
Hourly pasta production rate 400
Dimensions 2150x2500x2750


For drying pasta, vegetables, and other foods.

We have designed and built this dryer with insulated panels tightly jointed together to eliminate all internal and external hot spots.

The drying process is programmed and automatically controlled by computer, which can store a number of programs and cycles, controls ventilation, temperature and humidity, and automatically manages air teed and exhaust.

The heat battery fans generate a flow of hot air which strikes the product from various directions, and are intermittently controlled.

These fans control temperature and humidity so that the product dries from the inside out by osmosis for perfect stability.

The various programming possibilities let you vary the program with the parameters most appropriate for the process to be performed.

The panels are constructed with a solid pine-wood frame and external plate, and are insulated with polyurethane foam.

They can be disassembled to reduce bulk for shipping. The standard plate is coated with PVC.

Stainless steel plate is available upon request.

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