Total Nitrogen Analyzer

The FormacsTN Analyzer uses the ND20 Total Nitrogen detector for the analysis of Total Nitrogen (TN). Total Nitrogen can be measured in a range from low ppb levels to high ppm levels with high accuracy in a short analysis time using chemiluminescence detection (CLD). 

The sample is injected into the high temperature furnace where it is catalytically combusted at 850°C. Oxidative pyrolysis causes the chemically bound nitrogen to be converted to nitric oxide, which is measured by CLD The Formacs TN analyzer also provides a unique cost-effective and safer alternative for Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) analysis, by an integrated NN-reactor for the analysis of NO3 + NO2 (NN). The TKN value is determined in two steps, i.e. the analysis of Total Nitrogen (TN) and the analysis of NO3 + NO2 via chemical reduction, where NO3 and NO2 are reduced to nitric oxide (NO) and detected via CLD detection. The TKN value is obtained automatically by subtraction: TKN = TN - NN. This unique alternative method of TKN analysis results in a very fast analysis time (5 min.), and eliminates the use of hazardous digestion acids.

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