For color difference measurement, it is significant to know a sample's color distribution, which varies depending on light recieving angles, for the purpose of analyzing the nature of an object color. Using this GC 5000, you can measure spectral reflectance of your samples at each angle by automatically varying light receiving angles.




1. By automatically varying an angle of a light receiving unit, spectral reflectance at each angle can be measured for the range of ±80º against a sample's normal line at 5º interval.
2. Transmittance measurement is also possible by having a light emitting unit operated at 180º angle of incidence.
3. You can enjoy simple operation using an exclusive control software.
4. Measurement data by text output (cvs file format) can be used by spreadsheet software.
5. Measurements of metallic and pearled colors are possible.
6. Spectrophotometric measurements at variable angles are possible for the range of 400nm to 700nm.

*Another model for 3-dimensional measurement is also available


Dimensions W 340mm x D 520mm x H 310mm
Weight Approx. 13kg
Light source Halogen lamp, 12V 50W
Measuring method Total wavelength simultaneous compensation
Luminous flux Approx. 5.8mm
Light receiving angle -80 to +80 ,provided that sample's normal line is 0. (It is, however, impossible to measure at the light emitting angle of ±10)
Measuring interval 5 for automatic feeding
Light emitting angle Reflectance measurement : 0 to 70 at 5 interval (manual setting)
Transmittance measurement : 180
Light receiving element Silicon photo diode
Filter Interference filter (400nm to 700nm at 20nm interval)
Sample size Minimum : 30mm x 30 mm
Maximum : 180mm x 220mm
Interface Connection via RS-232C


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