This is a handy type spectrophotometric color difference meter, with both of the functions as a colormeter and densitometer. With this compact body size, it has plently of functions and can even display graphs of various color systems including spectral reflectance and color deviation criterion chart, etc., which are more or less compatible with the function of a bench type colormter. You can enjoy measurements of a wide range of samples from printed matters to products that need color control using this one unit. alt



1. Various color systems, including spectral reflectance and color diviation criterion chart, etc., can be displayed.
2. Data compensation function is equipped with this model.
Using this function, you can fit in, for example, your company's conventional color standards or dissolve a problem of instrumental error against other types of colormeters.
3. Color, spectral distribution and reflection density can be measured by this one unit.
4. Output wavelength is displayed at 10nm interval for the range of 400nm to 700nm.
5. Data analysis will be available on your PC when using an optional color management software.



Dimensions L 212mm x D 77mm x H 84mm
Weight Approx. 770g (including battery)
Power supply NiCd battery (4.8V, 800mAh),
Charged by AC adapter (9V, 500mA)
Light source Halogen lamp (approx. 2,856ºK)
Measuring items Spectral reference (value & graph),
Color deviation criterion chart,
L*a*b* chromaticity coordinate, XYZ, ΔXYZ, Yxy,
ΔYxy, L*a*b*, ΔL*a*b*, L*C*h*, ΔL*C*H*, L*u*v*,ΔL*u*v*, Hunter Lab, Hunter ΔLab,
WI ・ Tw (ISO 105-J02), WI (ASTM E313),
WI (ISO 2470), ΔWI (3 types), W, ΔW, WB, ΔWB,
YI (ASTM E313), YI, ΔYI (2 types),
Munsell value (complying with HV/C, C/2º & D65/2º),MI, Decision to pass or fail, RGB,
Reflectance density (CMYK),ΔReflectance density (CMYK)
Color difference formula ΔE*ab,
ΔECMC (possible to set an arbitrary coefficient),
ΔE*94 (possible to set an arbitrary coefficient),
ΔEFMC-2, ΔE*uv, ΔE
Density calculating function CMYK density, Density difference, Halftone dot %,Dot gain, Contrast, Trapping, Hue error, Grayness,Cast, Brightness, Saturation, Auto function,Tone analysis, Plate measurement
Measuring range 400nm to 700nm, output wavelength at 10nm interval (post-spectroscopy system)
Measuring aperture 10mmΦ (standard),3mmΦ or 2mmΦ (to be selected)
Illumination & light receiving condition 0º : 45º , Double beam post-spectroscopy system
Observation condition 2º or 10º each for A, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11 and F12
Related standards JIS Z 8722, ISO 7724-1 to 3, ISO 5-4, ISO 105-J02,
ISO 10526, ISO 10527, JIS Z 8701, JIS Z 8729,
JIS Z 8730, JIS Z 8715, etc.
  • RS-232C interface cable
  • Printer
  • NiCd battery for NF Color management software (Color Mate 5), etc.


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