Nilematic is an automatic and certified solution (UE) for rapid, simple, accurate and reliable measurement of the specific weight of the grain samples in just 10 seconds.


  • Mesure de la densité apparente des grains.
  • Estimation du rendement meunier dublé.

The advantages of Nilematic
Use of the Nilematic makes it possible to measure many raw materials, including cereals, oil-seeds, high-protein seeds and other granular products.

Speed and simplicity
Through the automating measurement of specific weight, no additional equipment is necessary, and the result is displayed within 10 seconds of completing the measurement.

The Nilematic is fully compatible with the Gestar system, and its acquisition makes it possible to progress your installations to a more complete, fully automated solution for your on-receipt inspection system.

Reliability and accuracy
Measurement in a volume of 1 litre provides excellent correlation with the reference method, the Nilema-Litre method


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