Category For pasta factories
Type Presses
Max kneading vat capacity Kg 30
Engine Hp 2,5 + Hp 5
Hourly pasta production rate Kg 90 / 100
Weight Kg 395
Dimensions mm 740 x 1475 x 1625

The P20 and P30 are highly reliable automatic machines for processing all types of flour.Suitable for all types of long and short pasta The MONFERRINA P20 and P30 are semi-industrial machines for the production of pasta and to be used in combination with automatic past-cutters, pasta nest formers. also used to feed ravioli, cappelletti and tortellini-making machines.The machines operate simply and efficiently. They are constructed completely of durable stainless steel and comply with all current European and foreign safety standards.

  • Double mixing vats for approx. 30 Kg of flour
  • Stainless steel screw and stainbless steel shaft which can be dismantled to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance.
  •  Dies for all kinds of pasta both normal and special also on request.
  • Fan for rapid drying of the pasta.
  • Automatic rotary pasta-cutter with speed variator.
  • Water ? cooling system.
  • Kit for production of long pasta.
  • Automatic pasta sheet roller.
Accessories Automatic sheet roller.
Formats Dies


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