The Pick-Up and G Pick-Up, automatic probes, are connected directly to the control room, for the taking of samples that are perfectly representative, and facilitate the transportation of your grain to the control room.


Speed and simplicity
Through the total automation of the probes, you obtain a sample that is representative of your grain batch in less than 8 seconds.

A robust quality
You are guaranteed optimal ability to cope with intensive use in a silo by the use of solid materials (galvanised steel of substantial thickness).
Representative results
Taking of the sample is effected from the whole initial volume of your grain.

The volume of the sample taken is fully adaptable to your needs.

The Pick-Up and G Pick-Up nozzles are interchangeable, which enables you to permutate these tools as you wish, according to your needs.

Development potential
Perfectly compatible with the Gestar system, these sample-taking probes provide you with the ability to develop your installations toward a more complete and fully automated solution.
The advantages of the Pick-Up

The time taken to sample your grain is reduced to 6 seconds.
The advantages of the G Pick-Up

The products sampled can be either grain or powder (meal), which enables you to use this tool in many applications.

The margin allowed in the volumes sampled (+/- 0.5L) makes it possible to adjust the size of the sample to your requirements.


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