TOC add-on module for Solid samples

The PrimacsSERIES Carbon / Nitrogen analyzers have now been extended with the new PrimacsMCS add-on module for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis for solid materials such as soil, sediments and sludges. The PrimacsMCS operates in combination with the FormacsSERIES Total Organic Carbon analyzer (liquid samples), offering an economical concept to environmental laboratories for Total Organic Carbon analysis on aqueous samples as well as solid materials.

The PrimacsMCS is equipped with a dual-oven design, allowing separate analysis of Total Carbon (TC) and Inoragnic Carbon (IC). Total Carbon is determined by catalytic oxidation of the sample at 1100°C, converting the carbon present in the sample to CO2, which is detected by the NDIR detector of the FormacsSERIES Total Organic Carbon analyzer. Inorganic Carbon is determined by acidification of the sample in the IC reactor, which converts the Inorganic Carbon present to CO2. The Windows based PrimacsMCS software collects the data and calculates the TOC concentration of the sample by substraction ( TC - IC = TOC). The PrimacsMCS analyzes TC, IC and TOC in a range of 100 µg to 40 mg absolute carbon in up to 3 g of sample weight. Due to the automatic low-to-high range switching IR detector of the FormacsSERIES Total Organic Carbon analyzer, the combination of the FormacsSERIES analyzer with the PrimacsMCS add-on module offers environmental laboratories a powerful tool to analyze TOC from low ppb concentrations in aqueous samples up to % levels in solid materials. The PrimacsMCS

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