Protein - Nitrogen Analyzer

Skalar's New Protein - Nitrogen Analyzer is the modern alternative for nitrogen analysis in the busy routine laboratory. The combustion (Dumas) method used in this new Skalar analyzer is rapidly becoming the accepted alternative for the old fashioned Kjeldahl method. The method is fast, safe, economical and easy to operate.
The PrimacsSN is applicable in a wide variety of application areas including soil and plant, food, brewing industries, and environmental waste, to name a few.

The PrimacsSN conforms to international regulations such as ISO 15670, ISO 13878, EN 61010, DIN 10467, AOAC 990.03 , AOAC 992.15, AACC 46-30, AOCS Ba 11-65

The sample is automatically introduced from a 20 position sample tray into the unique vertical positioned combustion oven , the resulting gas mixture passes through a second oxidation oven whereby all nitrogen compounds are converted into NOx. After this the Peltier cooler removes all water before passing the copper reduction column removing excess O2 from the gas flow, and converting NOx to N2. The stream passes through a CO2 scrubber and subsequently through a magnesium perchlorate H2O scrubber. The resulting gas stream, consisting of N2 and He (carrier gas), passes the thermal conductivity detector which determines the nitrogen content. The Analyzer is fully computer controlled with result calculation, QC and flexible reporting.

Protein Flow Diagram (Flash animation) 

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