Total Carbon and Total Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer for solid and liquid samples

The analysis of Carbon and Nitrogen is important in soil, plant, animal feed, food samples, sediments and sludge samples. The Skalar PrimacsSNC Analyzer combines the analysis of Total Carbon (TC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) in one unit using high temperature catalytic combustion. The samples are introduced into the high temperature combustion oven by the unique vertical "bottom-to-top"sample introduction system.

At 1050°C the carbon is completely oxidized to CO2 in the presence of a catalyst. The CO2 is measured by Non Dispersive Infra Red Detection (NDIR) for Total Carbon. The analysis of Nitrogen is based upon the well-proven DUMAS technology. Nitrogen is converted in NxOy which is is reduced at 600°C to N2. The N2 gas is measured by Thermal Conductivity Detection (TCD). The PrimacsSNC analyzer provides an accurate and reliable solution for the automation of Total Carbon and Total Nitrogen analysis and has been designed as an easy-to-use and low maintenance analyzer. Due to the unique vertical "bottom-to-top" sample introduction the sample ashes remain in the crucible after the analysis and are taken out of the instrument with removal of the crucible. This avoids sample ash build-up in the combustion zone and therefore reduces the maintenance. The re-usable crucibles and the low consumption of combustion and carrier gas result in a low cost-per-test.

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