Kyowa Interface Science Co., Ltd., Japan manufacturers of highly sophisticated contact angle meters and surface tensiometers. Having started the company in 1947, Kyowa became a full-fledged manufacturer of analytical instruments in Japan by 1960.

After a detailed research, Agaram spotted a significant demand for Kyowa’s instruments in India. So, it approached the manufacturer in Japan and Agaram and Kyowa signed a contract for distributorship in the year 2015. Since then, there has been a steady rise in the year-on-year sales.

The following are the two high-tech instruments which Kyowa offers:

(i)  Contact Angle Meter

Contact angle meters, also known as goniometers, are used to measure the contact angle made by liquids on solid surfaces. The value obtained can be used as a quantitative measure of the liquid’s wettability on a solid. It can also be used as a parameter for quality control in surface treatments and surface cleanliness. One another use of the instrument is to gauge the adhesion of a solid to a liquid.

Kyowa’s Drop Master (DMs) series of contact angle meters have quite a few models for you to choose from.

The DMe-210 is the most basic model and it uses the sessile drop method in static mode to measure contact angle of samples.

The DMe-211 model determines contact angle under both static and dynamic modes. It can also measure the surface tension of samples using the pendant-drop method. It has the ability to measure one more variable – surface free energy.

The DMs-401/ DMo-501/ DMo-701 models are the most advanced models, where even-stage movement and droplet deposition can be controlled via a PC.

Kyowa’s contact angle meters find applications in many fields, including paint, ink, adhesives, rubber / latex, chemicals, and surfactants.

All the contact angle meters from Kyowa Interface Co., Ltd. come pre-packaged with analysis software called FAMAS.

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(ii)  Surface Tensiometer

A surface tensiometer can be used to measure two parameters:

  • Surface tension of liquids.
  • Interfacial tension between two liquids.

The Dyne Master is Kyowa’s line of tensiometers and has a bouquet of models starting with the DY-300, the basic model, up to the DY-700, which is the top most variant.

The Dyne Master series employs the Wilhelmy plate method, duNoüy ring method, and maximum bubble pressure method for measurement.

Kyowa also offers a dynamic surface tensiometer, which can be measure the dynamic surface tension of surfactant solutions. It achieves this by using the maximum bubble pressure method.

The Dyne Master surface tensiometers are used to find surface tension of liquids for research purposes and also in industries such as paints, coatings, lacquers, and adhesives. They also find extensive application in the study of transformer oil quality by the measurement of interfacial tension.

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