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Kyowa Interface, Japan have been manufacturing contact angle meters since 1960.The contact angle meter also goes by the name goniometer.These instruments are used in contact angle measurement, surface free energy analysis, and surface or interfacial tension measurement.

The DropMaster (DMs) series contact angle meters have a range of systems starting from DMs-200, which is the basic model, to the most sophisticated DM-701.The DMs-200 model is used to determine contact angle using the sessile drop method in static mode.

From model DM-CE1, all instruments can determine contact angle using the sessile drop method in static mode as well as in dynamic mode. The surface tension of a liquid sample can also be determined. The robust FAMACS software ensures that the system can also give dynamic contact angle results.

The DM-701uses: sessile drop method,extension/contraction method, surface or interfacial tension of liquids with pendant drop method,sliding method, and dynamic sliding method. This is the most automatic model and even stage movement and droplet deposition can be controlled through the PC.

Optional accessories are numerous to choose from including computer-controlled dispenser, sliding method, temperature control of stage, temperature control of dispenser, and high speed camera.

With the surface free energy software, the solid surface free energies and their components from the results of contact angle with different liquids can be measured.If surface free energy is the main analysis, then there is also an option called surface energy kit which consists of five kinds of probe liquids and proper needles.



The contact angle meter has application in the pharma field, where the wettability of powders can be studied. The contact angle measurement givesremarkable data on wettability and thus pharma companies can use this tool in their analytical research and development.It can also be used to analyze the processes of coating, cleaning, and surface finishing inresearch institutes.

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