Autopol 4Polarimeter is an instrument to find out Optical Rotation. From Optical Rotation one can derive the value of Specific Rotation of a liquid sample. The biggest application for this system is in the field of Pharma. Also other Industries like Sugar, Food, Flavours & Fragrances, Chemicals, Intermediates use Polarimeters in their Labs.

In a Polarimeter the concept is as follows:

There would be a light-source. The light which travels in all directions is polarised with a Polariser. When the polarised light travels through the sample, due to the nature of the sample, the light turns to the left or the right. Then with an analyser Polariser we find out (angel) whether the light has turned to the right or the left & (beer) how many degrees.

The result thus expressed in Degress is Optical Rotation. From this other results like Specific Optical Rotation, Deg Z, Deg ISS are calculated.

Rudolph manufactures various models of Digital Polarimeters depending on the no of wavelengths, accuracy, resolution, capability to maintain the temperature of the sample through Peltier, ability to withstand acidic samples, adherence to 21 CFR Part 11 etc..

While the Autopol I is the entry-level model the Autopol VI is for cutting edge of Research.

Rudolph is the only company offering NVLAP certified NIST traceable QCPs. These are available in different kinds for Positive rotation, Negative rotation, Low rotation and so on.

Autopol is the single largest selling Polarimeter in the brand and all the models have the following features:

  • Microprocessor controlled with touch-sensitive keypad and colour display
  • It displays Optical Rotation, Specific Rotation, Deg Z & Deg ISS
  • The "TempTrol" models are capable of maintaining temperature through electronic heating and cooling Peltier technology.
  • It can take sample cells of upto 200mm path length
  • The Data storage is through 8GB non-removable Compact Flash
  • USB Ports, RS232 & Ethernet ports are built-in

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