MODEL INFRANEO: The Chopin Model Infraneo is an NIR system’s principle functionality is through Transmission. It helps to determine rapidly parameters such as Protein, Moisture, Specific weight etc in a very short time. The primary analysis for these parameters take a very long time and thus the Infraneo becomes a very important tool during processing. This system can analyse both whole grains and also powder.

This system works very efficiently even when calibrations are transferred between the equipments. As such, multiple users can use this system in many of their locations and transfer the calibration taken from one location easily to another.

MODEL INFRANEO JUNIOR: This is a low-cost version of Infraneo and has limited calibration features compared to Infraneo.

In both the above machines, the operator can easily change the lamp.


• A single device to analyze whole grains, flour, brans and other powdered products including semolina, couscous, and bulgur

• Wide range of pre-set calibrations included

• Multilingual interface Simplicity

• Results are generated in 60 seconds, no matter how many parameters are measured

• Self-adjusting measuring cell (wheat, corn, canola, flour)

• Export and use of results in Excel to simplify data processing Reliability

• The measuring system uses a high quality monochromator and transmittance technology, in conjunction with robust calibrations, to ensure precise results

• Durable hardware and stable performance over time thanks to SAM (Self Adjustment of Monochromator) technology

• Can be networked with NIR analyzers (standardization)

• Protection from dust and humidity

• Integrated cleaning system

• Results generated independently of temperature

• Storage of up to 100,000 saved analyses for permanent monitoring Reduced maintenance requirements

• User-serviceable, easy-to-change lamp

• Remote maintenance function, enabling CHOPIN Technologies to maintain the device remotely Modular design

• A specific weight module or an authorized Aqua-TR humidimeter complements the results obtained

• Available integration with the GESTAR automated on-receipt inspection system

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