Chopin manufactures two types of Laboratory mills and they are CD1 and CD2.

CD1:This mill simulates an industrial mill. It has a break part which passes the wheat between 3 grooved rollers twice. Then it sifts it through a centrifugal sifter. There is also a conversion part and the sample is made to pass through 2 smooth rollers by pressure. This mill comples with the ISO 27971 standard which describes the test milling methodology for the Alveograph tests.

CD2: This is the mill which produces semolina out of durum wheat. The CD2 has a breaking part passing between 3 grooved rollers and the sifting is done by a centrifugal sifters. The reduction side is again passed through 3 grooved rollers.

The above mills help the researchers or the millers to optimise and blend various types of wheats or to determine the extraction rate of a sample.


• Gradually reduces wheat to obtain an extraction rate equivalent to an industrial mill Equivalence

• A patented mill diagram specifically designed to obtain precise information on the behavior of the wheat being evaluated

• LabMill produces flour that is representative of the wheat being milled Compliance with the ISO 27971 standard

• Predefined protocol compliant with the ISO 27971:2008 standard in effect

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