Mixolab is a device to derive total information about the flour characteristics in one single test. This system anticipates the dough behaviour during kneading and baking. From Mixolab one can derive the following results:

  • Water Absorbtion.
  • Gluten Strength
  • Viscosity
  • Amylolyse
  • Retrogradation

The one big advantage of this system is that it is not restricted to Wheat flour alone. The Mixolab can use flour from any grain or combination of flours to get results.

While the system can operate out of the standard protocol designed by Chopin, the software allows the user to develop their own protocols. This makes this system a very unique one in that the users can adapt the system to optimise their process and tailor-make it to their needs.

The powerful software also had a feature “Mixolab Profiler”. With this feature, the user can run the flour which they are trying to replicate and run their samples. The sample which is the closest to the target would give them the optimum results. Mixolab also helps the users to Create, Compare, Validate or Improve not only their flours, but also the total process.

  •     Mixolab complies to International Standards such as ICC 173, AACC 54-60.01, NF V03-764 & NF V03-765
  •     Precise, automatic mixer temperature regulation (max: 90°C)
  •     Robust, easy to clean, dual component aluminium/stainless steel mixer
  •     Easy to remove water tank for simple, rapid cleaning
  •     Water added automatically, rapidly and very precisely (+/- 0.02 ml). Possibility to add water in different fractions (pump capacity: 75 ml)
  •     Full electronic calibration on all the measurement points on the Chopin+ curve (temperature & torque) for greater analysis precision

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