QTM-710/700 are Thermal Conductivity meters from from KEM, Japan.

This system can be used to analyse Thermal Conductivity of Solids, Powders, Pastes or Thin Films

This system works out of Hot Wire Method (Transient Hot Wire Method). While the 710 model can also analyse Thin Film the model 700 cannot. Both models would have a 5.7 inch colour LCD display and would have a two-channel RS-232C interface and a USB 2 channel output also.

There are many probes to choose from like Box type proble PD-11N, Insulated Moisture-proof probe PD-13N, High Temperature probe PD-31N etc. The probe PD-31N can work from -100 to 1000 Deg C. The Thin film in 710 would be analysed in either a Box type probe or an Insulated Moisture-Proof probe.

Various calibration tools are available like Clear quartz, Silicone Rubber, Polyethylene Foam etc.

For more details visit : http://www.kyoto-kem.com/en/catalog/heat/

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