Testing Samples For Surface Tension and Interfacial Tension would be done with our demo instrument free of cost . The Samples may either be brought in or sent to us..


Kyowa Interface started manufacturing surface tensiometers in Japan in the year 1957.The measuring methods used in Kyowa surface tensiometer are the Wilhelmy plate method, du Noüy ring method, pendant drop method, and maximum bubble pressure method. The DyneMaster tensiometer series starts with model DY-300 and the most sophisticated model is theDY-700

When interfacial tension is measured, the system is delivered with du Noüy ring and a bigger sample receptacle with graduation.Operation can be done using either the right or left hand, and the cell can be viewed during measurement.The light weight allows operators to conduct experiments without much effort. Viscous liquids up to 2000 mPas can be measured.

Displays: Density - Temperature compensated density and specific gravity - Percentage of Brix - Alcohol concentration - Sulfuric acid concentration - API degree - Baume degree– Plato - Proof degree

Graphic LCD display: Temperature - Sample number - Auto sensing oscillation stability - Auto data saving - Auto data output - Data deletion - Battery capacity

The life of battery is twice that of conventional makes and results in much longer operation time.The sampling volume and speed are to be controlled using a single hand.

Industries :

Paint |Ink |Rubber |Pharma |Ceramic | Nano-technology |Polymer | Research institutes |Measurement of interfacial tension (IFT) |Transformer oil quality study

For more details, visit http://www.face-kyowa.co.jp/english/en_products/en_surface_tension/detail-2/

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