The Rheofermentometer is the standardised and indispensable measuring instrument for a complete study of the behaviour of your flour during fermentation (quantity of CO2 produced, permeability and tolerance of the dough, etc.). It is the only instrument that can give you the results that are closest to the real situation, since fermentation is not simulated but actually performed.


  • Predicting the behaviour of dough during the proving process (production and retention of gas, development of the dough, etc.).
  • Improving the process by optimising the proving time and determining the optimum moment for placement in the oven.
  • Selecting and monitoring the activity of the yeasts.

Acknowledged efficiency:
By using the Rheofermentometer, you are able to comply with the AACC 89-01 standard for measuring the activity of the yeasts and the production of gas.
The advantages of the Rheofermentometer

With this single appliance, and in a single test, you can measure the production and retention of gas and the development of the dough, in a fully automated manner. Once this has started, the presence of an operator is no longer required.

By means of Rheofermentometer, you obtain the values of all the parameters that are responsible for the volume of the finished product, and you are then able to identify and understand all the potential or actual problems encountered during production.

Customisation of the protocol to suit your process, which can be done by the Applications Laboratory, renders this tool adaptable to each of your activities, since it allows the execution of any type of fermentation or proving process (short baguette type, long BIGA type, etc.).


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