Dedicated software programs are available for all standard applications. The programs are flexible and can be adapted to user needs whenever required. The programs are Windows™ based and multifunctional so for example samples can be analyzed whilst preparing a new worklist or printing data.

The software is easy to set up, user-friendly and has a modular structure. Passwords prevent unauthorized operation and data modification. Three different access levels are available. Selecting one of the pre-installed applications and creating a work list allow the user to easily start the analysis. The following Applications are included: Alkalinity, Hardness, BOD, ISE, COD, pH, Color, Titrations, Conductivity, Turbidity and DO. A combination of the above applications is also possible. Sample identities can be entered by keyboard, downloaded from LIMS or scanned by a manual barcode reader. The work list can be extended during the run whenever more samples need to be analyzed. During the analysis run, the real-time results are displayed.

When a large number of samples have to be analyzed the Robotic Analyzer can run outside working hours as the software includes an “analyses scheduler”. This feature allows the operator to define start-up and shutdown procedures.

All operations of the analyzers are monitored and reported as required.

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