Both reflectance and transmittance measurements are possible using this one unit, with availability to measure various types of solid, liquid, powder, pellet and ;film sample in the range of 380nm to 780nm at 10nm output wavelength interval. alt



1. Measurement is possible in the range of 380nm to 780nm at 10nm output wavelength interval.
2. Standard light or target light can be selected as a light source for the measurement of metamerism.
3. C / 2º or D65 / 2º can be selected for Munsell color system.
4. A foot switch comes equipped with this instrument, by whitch you can make measurements even by both hands free. It will be convenient in case you measure a sample by holding it by your both hands.
5. Measurements of Harzen color numbers (APHA) and Gardner color system are available in option.
6. Color data analysis will be available when you use an optional color management software.



Dimensions W 425mm ×D 415mm ×H 189mm
Weight Approx. 13kg
Power supply 100V to 240V AC, 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 140VA
Light source Halogen lamp, 12V 50W
Measuring items L*a*b*, ΔL*a*b*, ΔE*, Lab, ΔLab, ΔE, XYZ, Yxy, YI (E313), YI (D1925), W (CIE), W (Lab), WB, Harzen color No. (APHA), Gardner Color, HVC, L*C*h*, ΔL*C*H*, ΔE94, ΔECMC (1 : 1), ΔECMC, (2 : 1), LCh, ΔLCH, OD, Metamerism, Spectral reflectance, Spectral curve, Color deviation criterion chart
Measuring area 6mmΦ, 10mmΦ, and 30mmΦ
Measuring method Double beam system, Total wavelength simultaneous compensation
Illumination & light receiving condition Reflectance 0º : 45º (circumference), post-spectroscopy system Transmittance 0º : 0º
Related standards JIS Z 8722, ASTM E 308, ASTM E 313, ASTM D 1925, JIS Z 8729, JISZ 8730, JIS Z 8715, etc.
Measurement accuracy
  • ΔE* : Standard deviation within 0.02
  • Spectral reflectance : Standard deviation within 0.20 or less

where 30 minutes later after turning on the power, 30 times of measurements are made at 10 seconds interval against a standard white plate, and repeatability is checked.

  • Color management software (Color Mate 5)
  • Optical fiber, etc.


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