The easiest way to perform the test is using the reagent kit SC 801000. The kit contains vials with freeze-dried bacteria, which can be stored for almost a year in the freezer without loss of sensitivity. They should be considered as a biochemical, which you dissolve and subsequently use in an assay.

The method is simple: First, the freeze-dried bacteria are re-constituted. While the bacteria equilibrate for 15 minutes, the sample is prepared: the osmotic value is adjusted and a dilution series prepared. Next the samples are added to the bacteria. After an exposure time of 5 to 30 minutes the light production is measured in the ToxTracer luminometer. If a reduction of the light emission is registered, toxic compounds are present.

Toxicity testing using freshly prepared bacteria according to ISO 11348-1
International standards require the use of either freeze-dried bacteria as well as freshly prepared bacteria. Skalar organises training courses in using freshly prepared bacteria for the test according to ISO 11348-1. The procedure with those bacteria provides the user with an almost inexhaustible source of bacterial reagent what is especially cost saving when many measurements have to be done. As compared to the freeze-dried bacterial preparations, the use of freshly prepared bacteria gives the user a better insight in the bio-availability of toxicants and improves the interpretation of the results.

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