Skalar offers the availability to cultivate your own luminescent bacteria according to ISO-11348-1. In a short course we train people in the cultivation of marine bacterium Vibrio fisheri (NRRL B-11177). International standards require the use of either freeze-dried bacteria as well as freshly prepared bacteria. Skalar organises training courses in using freshly prepared bacteria for the test according to ISO 11348-1. The method using freshly prepared bacteria provides the user with an almost inexhaustible source of bacterial reagent what is especially cost saving when many measurements have to be done. It is easy to perform with reliable results. The method is especially interesting when confronted with long shipment duration what is disastrous for the freeze-dried bacteria. The Skalar training program includes: Practical learning of the common standard microbiological methods for handling the bacteria. This includes the preparation of sterile culture medium, the transfer of the bacteria to liquid medium or agar plates and the cultivation of Vibrio fisheri (NRRL B-11177) and storage of the bacteria in the freezer. Also the preparation of the Standard Cell Suspension (SCS) and the application of the SCS in a bioluminescence assay with toxicants will be learned.

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