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History of Alla France

Alla France, formerly known as M. Alla& Fils, Alla & Pirlot, and Aterliers M. Alla, is a French manufacturer of hydrometers, refractometers, and thermometers. Alla is a pioneer in the manufacturing thermometers and hydrometers. The exact year of its inception is unknown as most of the archives and documents related to the company were destroyed during the French revolution of the 18th century. Researches reveal that scientific pioneers such as Reaumur and Goethe used to regularly purchase instruments produced by Alla & Fills during the 18th and 19th centuries. Based on various artifacts, it has been found that M. Alla & Fils supplied various instruments to many scientists during 17th and 18th centuries. 

Alla France today

In the 20th century, Alla France started to evolve and move from an artisanal workshop to an industrial manufacturer. During the 1970s and 80s when most of the other manufacturers relied heavily on Asian markets for production, Alla France invested heavily on self-sufficient production and were able to produce products of top quality. 

In 1988, the production facility moved from Paris to Chemille and they currently occupy a production area that is thrice its initial size. They have installations of their laboratory instruments in more than 80 countries.

The following are some of Alla’s popular products used worldwide:

IR thermometers

The history that Alla France has with thermometers goes as long as the history of the thermometer itself. The company has been manufacturing various types of thermometers and thermocouples for decades.

An IR thermometer is a digital type temperature measuring instrument that is used in cases where conventional thermocouples cannot be used. For example, measuring the temperature of objects in motion, objects carrying current, and objects at extremely high temperatures. Alla manufactures six models of digital infrared thermometers each one varying based on the temperature range, number of laser beams, and D:S ratio.

Digital refractometers

A refractometer is used in measurement of refractive index(RI) which is an important parameter for evaluating liquids. When a straw is placed in a glass of water, the straw will appear bent. When the same stray is placed in sugar-water solution, it will appear more bent than before.This principle is referred to as refraction of light and forms the basis of refractometers. When a density of a liquid increases, its RI increases proportionately. This means that RI of a solution is proportional to the concentration of sugar.

To avoid manual computation, the digital refractometers from Alla France come with automatic temperature compensation (ATC).There are 4 different models of digital refractometers, and they measure parameters such as Brix %, Baume, RI, battery acid specific gravity, and a few more.

Alla France IR thermometer & refractometer price

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