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Cortex Technology is a Denmark-based company that specialises in skin analysis instrumentation and cryogenics. In 1986, the company was started in the city of Hadsund with an aim to produce high-quality instruments for the scientific community studying skin.

After a few years of solid experience in the industry, they realised the demand for liquid nitrogen cryotherapy. As an initial step, they started reselling liquid nitrogen cryoguns from another international manufacturer. But soon, Cortex came up with its own design of a sophisticated liquid nitrogen cryotherapy equipment—the CryoPro. The CryoPro is now the most advanced and selling equipment for liquid nitrogen cryotherapy worldwide.
The following are the top offerings from Cortex Technologies which are used worldwide.

DermaLab Single & Combo

The DermaLab is the range of skin analysis instruments which are popularly used in scientific studies related to skin. The setup consists of probes, an interface unit, and a LabView-based software platform. The system has separate probes to measure various skin parameters such as TEWL, elasticity, hydration, temperature, pH, sebum, colour, and many more. It also has a unique ultrasound probe which is not available in any other skin analysis system.


The CryoPro is a liquid nitrogen-based cryotherapy equipment used for non-invasive painless removal of skin lesions, warts, and tags. It is the preferred choice of dermatologists because of its effectiveness and ease of operation. The CryoPro has been designed with several safety features to ensure that no special technical expertise is required to safely perform cryotherapy on warts.

DermaScan C

The DermaScan C is a unique system that produces high-resolution ultrasound images of skin and the underlying soft tissue. The powerful Windows-based software that comes along with the system offers great functionality since it can highlight the dermal nevus with accurate calculations. This system complies with international safety regulations and quality standards including EU and FDA.

Cortex Technology in India

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