DermaLab Combo – Skin analysis System: Cortex Technology, Denmark

The DermaLab Combo is a comprehensive skin analysis system from Cortex Technology widely used for research on skin. This probe-based system finds widespread application in the cosmetics industry for testing the efficacy of skin care products. Sometimes, pharmaceutical companies also use the DermaLab to analyse the effect of their skin creams and topicals.

DermaLab Single


DermaLab Combo

DermaLab Combo Unit

The DermaLab Combo consists of the following parts:

  • Measurement Probes
  • Interface Unit
  • Tablet PC

The DermaLab Combo has several optional probes with each one capable of measuring a different parameter of skin. These probes can be connected to the multi-channel interface unit by means of the I/O interfaces at the backside of the panel. The interface unit in turn wirelessly communicates with the tablet PC with a bright, vibrant display. This tablet runs on the Windows OS and has the DermaLab Combo application software preinstalled.

The LabView-based software is intuitive and easy to operate. Operators require no prior technical expertise to start working with this system. After a suitable probe is attached to the interface unit, the system will be ready for measurement. On analysis of a volunteer, the corresponding image and readings automatically appear on the tablet screen. The measured readings are represented in standardised SI units.

The tablet PC is equipped with an option for USB storage for saving recorded data. The tablet can also wirelessly communicate with a printer for instantly printing copies of the images and values observed. Since most organisations use the DermaLab Combo for research purposes, they find the need for an option to export the recorded data for further analysis. For such applications, the DermaLab Combo software has an Excel export feature. With the single click of a button, all the stored data can be transferred on to an Excel sheet.

DermaLab Combo Probes

With the different probes of DermaLab Combo, you can measure traditional skin parameters such as TEWL, hydration, elasticity, temperature, pH and many more. In addition to these conventional probes, this system also includes a unique ultrasound probe. This probe was developed by Cortex Technologies for the purpose of studying the layers of skin beneath the surface.

The following are the probes offered along with the DermaLab Combo system.

Sebum Strip Reader


Derma Combo Applications

The DermaLab Combo finds application in different industries that have the need to observe and analyse different skin parameters. Some of them are as follows:

  • R&D departments of manufacturers in the fields of
  1. cosmetics
  2. personal care products
  3. pharmaceutical
  4. household products (e.g.detergents)
  • Testing labs &clinical research organisations (CROs) for efficacy tests and claims support
  • Research universities
  • Skin clinics

DermaLab Single

Apart from the DermaLab Combo, Cortex Technology also offer single-probe systems under the name of DermaLab Single. This system is useful for customers focusing on a single parameter. Based on the parameter you want to measure, you can choose a corresponding system. The DermaLab Single has separate systems to measure TEWL, hydration, elasticity, ultrasound, and subcutane ultrasound.

DermaLab Combo Price

Agaram Industries is the authorised distributor of Cortex Technology in India. To get a quotation with the DermaLab Combo price, you can fill up this form or directly send an email to While all the other probes observe the surface layer, the ultrasound probe produces images of skin which are about 3.4 mm beneath the surface. Numerous scientific studies have been benefited by the ultrasound probe since it offers a different dimension in addition to the conventional parameters.

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