Marsurf PS10 surface roughness tester (Perthometer): Mahr Germany

The Marsurf PS10 is a handy, portable, and high-precision surface roughness measurement instrument designed and manufactured by Mahr Germany. It is commonly used in manufacturing processes for assessing and thereby controlling the roughness of surfaces. Its ergonomic design enables it to be carried around for on-site applications, while at the same time its accuracy makes it an instrument suitable for laboratory usage. The Marsurf series was earlier called Perthometer, which is synonymous with surface roughness measurement instruments. The Perthometer then underwent a sea of technological and design improvements resulting in the sophisticated Marsurf PS10.

How does the Marsurf PS10 surface roughness tester work?

Surface roughness is caused by inherent irregularities in the manufacturing process. However, these irregularities are minute and cannot be objectively assessed with the naked eye. The Marsurf PS10 is a stylus-based instrument capable of accurately quantifying surface roughness by means of over 30 parameters based on several international standards.

The sensitive stylus of the instrument is placed on the surface which is to be assessed and is dragged across at a constant speed for a certain distance. An electrical signal is recorded and amplified to produce an enlarged vertical magnification which is translated onto a graph along with numerical values that characterize surface roughness. Some of the commonly observed parameters are Ra, Rz, Rp, Rk, and Rt, which are based on international standards such as DIN, ISO, and JIS.

Salient features of Marsurf PS10


The Marsurf PS10 is equipped with a phase-correct profile filter (Gaussian filter) according to DIN EN ISO 16610-21. In addition, it has a special filter compliant to DIN EN ISO 13565-1 and also a DIN EN ISO 3274 filter which can be disabled.


One of the most popular features of the Marsurf PS10 is its 4.3” TFT touch display. The large display with legible text makes it easy for users to quickly read the measured values even in brightly lit conditions. The display can also be rotated to lock it in a convenient position for the operator. The intuitive user interface, similar to that of a smartphone, eliminates the need for the operator to have technical expertise to use the system efficiently. In addition to English, the UI also supports over 15 other languages including Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Data storage & output

Since the PS10 is majorly used on-site, data storage is critical. Any measurement recorded with the PS10 can be stored in the system in the form of TXT, X3P, CSV, or PDF files. It is equipped with a built-in memory that can store up to 5,00,000 results, 3,900 profiles, and 1500 files in PDF format. The memory capacity of the system can be extended further to up to 32GB by adding a micro-SD card. All the recorded data and files can be transferred to a PC via the USB and MarConnect interfaces.

Password protection

The Marsurf PS10 can be password protected to ensure that the settings, recorded data, and stored files are not tampered by unauthorized personnel.

Rechargeable battery

The portable surface roughness measurement instrument is powered by a lithium-ion battery. After being charged fully, this battery can last for measuring about 1200 readings before it needs to be recharged again.

Marsurf PS10 applications

Surface roughness measurement instruments such as the Marsurf PS10 find application in all manufacturing industries. Monitoring the roughness levels of surfaces plays a crucial role in determining other factors such as friction. Some examples of industries where the Marsurf PS10 is used are:

  • Aerospace turbine blades & shafts
  • Grinding, milling, turning, and polishing
  • Production of ships, pipelines, and sheet metal

Marsurf PS10 price in India

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