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The Sebum Strip Meter is one of the offerings that is part of the DermaLab Combo system. Sebum is the oil secreted by the sebaceous gland. With the sebum strip reader, you can analyse the activity of the sebaceous glands and thereby assess the oiliness of the measured region of skin or hair.

Sebum Strip Meter Working

The Sebum Strip Reader is based on a qualitative sebum measurement done with a special strip—the Sebum Collector. It is a microporous film attached to a light absorbing background. The colour of this background enables maximum absorption of light incident on it by the light source of the strip reader module.

When this special film gets in touch with hair or skin, it becomes translucent to a degree which depends on the sebum content of the skin or hair. This contact with hair or skin results in transparent spots of varying sizes on the strip. Low sebum content is characterised by a few small spots while oily skin produces multiple large spots. These spots are analysed by the DermaLab Combo to produce a sebum score between 0 and 99, where 99 indicates extremely oily skin.

Sebum measurement procedure

To measure the sebum levels of a patch of hair, skin, or scalp, the following procedure needs to be followed.

  • Before beginning analysis of the participant, calibrate the system by inserting an unused Sebum Collector strip, with the absorbing film side facing downwards, into the slot located on the right side of the main unit.
  • The device will immediately recognise the strip and perform an offset calibration to avoid batch-to-batch variation.
  • Bring the Sebum Collector strip in contact with the analysis area and press down on its backside with your thumb.
  • Ensure that the entire collecting area of the strip is in touch with the analysis area and continue pressing down for a few seconds.
  • Re-insert the strip into the Sebum Strip Reader slot. Make sure that the strip is fully inserted. You might feel some resistance which is intentionally designed to stretch the film and provide a smooth measuring surface.
  • The main unit communicates with the tablet and automatically presents a numeric value as the sebum score. It can be any value between 0 and 99, where 99 indicates high levels of activity by the sebaceous glands.

Sebum Strip Meter Price

Agaram Industries is the authorised distributor of Cortex Technology who produce the Sebum Strip Meter with the DermaLab Combo systems. To get a quotation with the Sebum Strip Meter price, you can fill up this form or directly send an email to

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