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The skin colorimeter forms an important part of the DermaLab Combo system. As the name suggests, it is used to evaluate skin colour, melanin, and erythema. This presents a solution for objective analysis of skin colour, which is otherwise a subjective parameter depending on a variety of factors.Since it can measure melanin, erythema, and skin colour, this single probe is equivalent to the Mexameter MX18 and Skin-Colorimeter CL 400 from Courage+Khazaka.

Skin Colorimeter Working

The skin colorimeter works based on the principle of absorption / reflection. This probe has two illumination LEDs and an active colour detection chip which work in close tandem for accurate skin colour measurement.

When the procedure is started, the LEDs will emit light at their maximum capacity to illuminate the measurement area. As the light rays hit the skin, some parts of it get absorbed by the skin while the rest of it bounces off the surface. The reflected rays are detected by the chip in the probe and is processed to display the following parameters:

Melanin: Pigmentation index of skin. Higher the value, more the pigmentation in the skin.

Erythema: Redness index of the skin used to estimate haemoglobin levels in skin. Higher the value, redder the skin is.

CIE L*a*b: Colour of the skin coded in CIE Lab colour space. Each measurement gives three values—L*, a*, and b*—where L* represents lightness of the skin and (a* , b*) is a vector representing colour.

Skin Colour Measurement Procedure

To measure skin colour with the DermaLab Combo, the following is the procedure:

1. Open the DermaLab Combo application software in the tablet PC and select Skin Colour from the list of parameters being displayed

2. Calibrate the skin colour probe by following the procedure mentioned below.

3. Place the probe on the skin and press Start on the tablet PC.

4. When the measurements are done, all the values corresponding to the measurement number will be populated.

5. You can change the name of the measurement to something descriptive.

6. The next measurement can be taken by following the same procedure.

7. For all the measurements taken, you will get the average for each of the measured values.

8. After all the measurements have been taken, you have the option to save or print the recorded values.

Skin Colorimeter Calibration Procedure

The skin colorimeter needs to be calibrated with the calibrator supplied along with the system. The calibration process is much easier when compared to calibrating two separate probes i.e. the Mexameter and Skin-Colorimeter from C+K.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Place the probe on the calibrator and press Calibrate on the right-top of the screen.

2. You will notice a light flash on the probe which signals the end of successful calibration.

Skin Colorimeter Price

Agaram Industries is the authorised distributor of Cortex Technology who produce the skin colorimeter with the DermaLab Combo systems. To get a quotation with the skin colorimeter price, you can fill up this form or directly send an email to

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