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The skin pH meter is one of the probes that form a part of the DermaLab Combo skin analysis system. pH is one of the most commonly measured parameters for evaluating the safety levels of skin care products. It is often used along with other probes such as temperature and hydration since these are the basic parameters measured in any experiment.

Skin pH Meter Working

The DermaLab Combo skin pH meter is a glass probe that measures pH on the surface of skin using the potentiometric principle. This probe is made of multiple layers of glass where a glass H+ ion sensitive electrode and also an additional reference electrode are placed in a single housing. This is connected to a probe handle containing the measurement electronics. Apart from the time when the pH meter probe is used for measuring, it must be placed in its holder containing KCl buffer solution. Care must be taken to ensure that the tip of the glass probe does not become dry.

Skin pH Measurement Procedure

Before starting the skin pH measurement procedure, make sure that the probe has been calibrated recently. If not, perform calibration by following the procedure mentioned below.

To measure the pH of skin using the skin pH meter of the DermaLab Combo, the following procedure needs to be followed:

1. Remove the pH meter probe from its holder and wipe the tip of the probe gently to remove the remnants of the buffer solution

2. Dip the probe into a cup of sterile water and wipe it once again to remove excess sterilised water. However, ensure that the probe tip is still slightly wet

3. Open the DermaLab Combo application software in the tablet PC and select pH from the list of parameters displayed

4. In the next screen, you can see slots for eight temperature measurements and one average reading. In the beginning, all of them will be 0.0

5. Place the probe on the skin to be measured and click Start on the tablet screen

6. Hold the probe in place till the measurement is completed which will be signaled by the reading turning black

7. You can edit the name of each reading based on your need

8. You can take measurements one after the other which will get filled in the successive slots of the software

9. You will also get an average of all the values which helps to even out variations in readings

10. Once you have taken all the necessary readings, you have the option to save or print the measurements

11. After completing the analysis, place the probe in the holder submerged in the buffer solution

Skin pH Meter Calibration

The skin pH meter needs to be calibrated regularly for accurate pH measurements. Calibration needs to be performed with pH 7 and pH 4 reference solutions. Before beginning calibration, fill two cups—once each with the pH 7 and pH 4 reference solutions—and a third cup with tap water.

1. Dip the probe into the cup with the pH 7 solution and press the Calibrate pH7 button on the right-top of the software

2. This button will then turn green in colour which indicates that the calibration process is in progress

3. Hold the probe in the same cup till the button returns to its usual orange colour which signals the end of calibration using pH7 solution

4. Dip the probe into the cup with tap water for cleaning

5. For calibration with pH4 solution, insert the probe into the cup containing the solution and press Calibrate pH7 button on the right-top of the software

6. Repeat the steps 2 and 3 to complete the calibration procedure

7. These calibration values will be stored in the software until the next time calibration is performed

Skin pH Meter Price

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