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One of the most popular probes available as part of the DermaLab Combo is the one for measuring transepidermal water loss (TEWL) of skin. The human body constantly loses water due to evaporation which is quantified with the parameter TEWL. The barrier function of the skin determines skin TEWL which gets altered by cosmetic and skin care products. While evaluating such products and their efficacy, TEWL is used to ensure the safety of the product.

Skin TEWL Measurement Probe Working

The skin TEWL measurement probe of the DermaLab Combo system works based on the Nilsson’s Vapour Pressure Gradient method. It is an open chamber assessment method which allows the skin to breathe freely. It has minimal impact on the skin region being analysed.

This probe has two sets of temperature/humidity sensors mounted at different heights from the skin layer.It measures the density gradient of water evaporation from skin which is proportional to TEWL and expressed in units of g/h/m^2.

Skin TEWL Measurement Procedure

To measure TEWL using the corresponding probe of the DermaLab Combo, the following procedure needs to be followed:

1. Open the DermaLab Combo application software in the tablet PC and select TEWL from the list of parameters

2. Immediately, environmental temperature and relative humidity are calculated and displayed corresponding to Envir T °C and Envir RH %.

3. To begin testing, place the probe with the perforated foam facing up and measuring chamber facing the skin area which is to be analysed

4. With application of light pressure on the probe, press Start in the software

5. The number corresponding to TEWL keeps ticking until it stabilises which is denoted by the numbers turning black

6. In addition, you also get temperature (C) and RH (%) values recorded by the upper and lower sensors in the probe and a graph denoting TEWL vs. time

7. Once you have taken all the necessary readings, you have the option to save or print the measurements

Skin TEWL Probe Price

Agaram Industries is the authorised distributor of Cortex Technology who produce the skin TEWL probe with the DermaLab Combo systems. To get a quotation with the skin TEWL probe price, you can fill up this form or directly send an email to

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