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Ozu Corporation is a Japanese company that specializes in lint-free wipes. They produce many variants including the Bemcot line of wipes, which is fabricated in collaboration with Asahi Kasei Corporation.In the Bemcot series, the most popular model is the Bemcot M3-II wipes which are widely used in cleanrooms across the globe, especially in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and electronics manufacturing facilities. These are non woven wipes made from 100 % cellulose.

Salient Features Of Bemcot M3-II Cleanroom Wipes

The following are the highlights of BemcotM3-II cleanroom wipes which makes them the preferred choice in cleanrooms:

Model Name


Packaging and Size

4 fold, 25 x 25 cm


100% cellulose wipes


100 sheets per bag ; 30 bags per carton



Factories / Assembly Lines / Clean rooms / Laboratories

Bemcot M3-II Cleanroom Wipes

Composition & Lint release: Bemcot cleanroom wipes are made from 100% Cellulose (Cupro). Ozu Corporation and Asahi Kasei Corporation, two experienced giants in the industry, collaborated to produce Bemcot wipes using proprietary technology. To make the M3-II wipes suitable for applications in cleanrooms, they are produced as non-woven wipes. This is one of the main reasons for very less lint being released from Bemcot M3-II wipes. Another major determinant of lint release and quality of output is the Cupro cellulose being used. To maintain the quality of Bemcot M3-II wipes, only cellulose of a certain standard is chosen and used as raw material. Since cleanrooms focus on maintaining certain cleanliness standards, products which do not generate a lot of lint are preferred. This makes Bemcot M3-II wipes a perfect fit for cleanrooms of all grades.

Absorption & Chemical resistance: The fact that Bemcot wipes are pure cellulose wipes contributes to their impressive absorption capacity. In cleanrooms of certain types, such as the ones in pharma and chemical companies, liquid spills will be often encountered. This makes it necessary for the cleaning wipes to be able to absorb liquids without leaving any residue. In cleanrooms of companies formulating chemicals, the chemical resistance of the wipes is also crucial. Bemcot cellulose wipes are highly resistant to chemicals. These are some of the reasons Bemcot cellulose wipes are preferred by cleanrooms in all major pharma and chemical companies across the globe.

Packaging: Bemcot M3-II cleanroom wipes come packaged in bags containing 100 wipes each. Each cellulose wipe is four-folded with total dimensions of 250 x 250 mm. The packaging is specifically designed for cleanrooms, where the bags should not be occupying a lot of space, but at the same time be such that the wipes can be easily pulled out one after the other. With the Bemcot M3-II wipes, only one wipe can be pulled out at a time to minimize wastage. The bags can fit into any corner of a cleanroom and can be easily transported to wherever necessary.

Bemcot Cleanroom Wipes Price

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