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Automatic Flow-Through Diffusion Cell Apparatus – ReleGO from Revivo Biosystems

The ReleGO is a novel automatic flow-through diffusion apparatus developed by Revivo Biosystems. Unlike traditional systems such as Franz diffusion cell apparatus, the ReleGO features unique organ-on-chip devices on which the tissue or skin model is to be mounted. 

The design of the ReleGO and REVex chips presents several advantages over traditional diffusion cell apparatus which make it an interesting proposition for any scientist working on in-vitro release testing (IVRT) or in-vitro permeation testing (IVPT) of drugs from creams, ointments, oils, and gels.

REVex Organ-on-chip Device

Revivo Biosystems has also developed the organ-on-chip device compatible with the ReleGO called the REVex. It is compatible with any existing epithelial model or membrane such as skin explants, 3D reconstructed skin (in inserts), synthetic membranes (e.g. Strat-M), oral mucosa, and gingiva. The unique design of the REVex chips features microfluidic channels to mimic blood flow.

Key Advantages of the ReleGO over traditional diffusion cell apparatus


When compared to traditional diffusion cell apparatus, the ReleGO occupies minimal footprint in the laboratory. It consists of one integrated unit as against multiple separate entities such as in the case of an automated sampler apparatus for flow-through cells. This also means that the ReleGO has fewer points of failure.

Cost Factor

Apart from the ReleGO costing much lesser than traditional diffusion cell apparatus for purchase, it also offers several cost benefits in the longer run, including the following:

  • Size of skin specimen per replicate: In the REVex chips, the size of the skin specimen needed is much smaller than what is needed for traditional diffusion cells such as Franz diffusion cells. For example, the size of skin needed for the REVex chip is around 0.5 cm², whereas Franz diffusion cells require at least 2 cm².
  • Manhours: When conducting long-term studies, such as those lasting for 24 hours, traditional diffusion cell apparatus requires an operator to monitor the system frequently. With the ReleGO, there is no need for any manual intervention once the study is initiated. Moreover, with the ReleGO, up to 12 tissue samples can be tested per run which helps in increasing sample throughput.
  • Long-term maintenance of tissue models: As the ReleGO has microfluidic channels for the flow of receptor solution, it is possible to maintain the tissue models for long durations.

Mimics Natural Conditions

Microfluidic channels in the REVex chip enable mimicking of dynamic blood flow perfusions. The continuous flow of a receptor solution helps recreate in-vivo-like conditions. Moreover, the flow can also be controlled by the user. One more added functionality is temperature control of the ReleGO which helps simulate the temperature of the human body.

Mass Balance Collection

In the ReleGO, mass balance recovery is automated for components associated with the lower compartment of the REVex chip. Once the collection process for a permeation run is complete, the ReleGO has a built-in function to empty the tubes and channels of the chips into a particular column of the wells on the 96-well plates. Users also have the option to flush and rinse the channels of the chips or to allow the test molecule to diffuse out of the membrane/skin while still within the chip.

ReleGO Automatic Flow-Through Diffusion Cell Apparatus Price

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