La Monferrina Pasta Machines

La Monferrina is a renowned Italian manufacturer of pasta machines whose machines are widely used in industries and also in laboratories researching about pasta and its characteristics. Started in 1978, La Monferrina has always endeavoured to build machines capable of producing all kinds of pasta at the highest quality possible.

In 2010, La Monferrina entered into a joint venture with Imperia, another giant Italian manufacturer of low-capacity pasta machines. This company, called Imperia Monferrina, became the leading producer of pasta machines of all ranges, starting from small machines for home use to the ones used in industrial production lines.

La Monferrina Pasta Machine Models

  • Counter-top model with a production capacity of 1 to 2 and a half kilograms per hour
  • Can produce coarse grain pasta with the bronze casting die and smooth pasta with the Teflon die
  • Can produce different lengths of pasta by varying the speed of the rotating knife attachment
  • Can also produce pizza and bread dough
  • Durum wheat flour is recommended for consistency
  • Medium-sized pasta machine having a production capacity of 8 to 10 kilograms per hour
  • Compatible with single, two, or four blade rotating knifes for increased throughput
  • Built-in fan for preliminary drying
  • Can produce two-layer pasta sheets of thickness that can be controlled
  • Compatible with semi-automatic ravioli attachment which can produce all types of fillings from 34 to 40 mm
  • Simple to dismantle for cleaning and maintenance
  • Fully automatic pasta machine suitable for hotels
  • Production capacity of 15 to 18 kilograms of pasta per hour
  • Capable of mixing six kilograms of flour per hour
  • Operation happens in two stages—mixing and extrusion
  • Ability to produce single-layer pasta sheets that can be for lasagna, cannelloni, or ravioli
  • In addition to ravioli attachment, a gnocchi attachment can also be mounted
  • Preferred model for small-scale pasta producers
  • Production capacity range of 25 to 35 kilograms per hour
  • Designed with two vats for simultaneous mixing and extrusion
  • Reduced working time which is important in industrial applications
  • System is water cooled for enhanced efficiency
  • Compatible with bronze and Teflon dies for producing different shapes of pasta
  • Basic variant in high-capacity models with a production capacity of 50 kilograms of pasta per hour
  • Suitable for pasta production from any kind of flour and durum wheat
  • Equipped with control panel and safety features
  • Shaft and screw can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Extruder head and die are water cooled
  • Maximum production capacity of 100 kilograms of pasta per hour
  • Equipped with pasta cutter whose speed can be varied for different lengths
  • Pressure on extruder head can be precisely controlled
  • Upper vat can be automatically tilted by pneumatic system
  • Extruder head and die are water cooled
  • Used worldwide in industrial production lines
  • Ability to churn out up to 200 kilograms of pasta per hour
  • External body is made of aluminium, while the parts in contact with the pasta are made of stainless steel to avoid rusting
  • Equipped with two vats in which the upper kneading vat has automatic tip up
  • Extruding barrel is water-cooled for enhanced efficiency
  • Shaft and screw can be disassembled within minutes for effortless cleaning

La Monferrina Pasta Machine Price

Agaram Industries is the exclusive distributor of La Monferrina, Italy, who manufacture the Dolly, P3, P6, P12, P50, P100, and P200 pasta machines. To get a quotation with the pasta machine price, you can fill up this form or send an email directly to

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