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Chopin Technologies, a subsidiary of KPM Analytics, is a French manufacturer of instruments for evaluating the quality of cereal, flour, and other related products. One of its flagship products is the SRC-Chopin which is an instrument to measure the solvent retention capacity (SRC) of flour.

Salient Features Of SRC-Chopin:

  • Measurement of solvent retention capacity is completely automated with solvent tubes identification, flour weight data storage, solvent injection, shaking, centrifugation, and draining, followed by calculation of the results
  • Three important flour parameters viz damaged starch, glutenins, and pentosans that directly influence final product quality can be measured by a click of a button
  • Conforms to latest standards of AACC 56-15.01 and ICC Standard n°186
  • Applicable to entire wheat and flour industry and its supply chain, from breeding to baking
  • Built-in software enables flexible testing of any possible combination of flour and solvent of interest to the user.

SRC-Chopin Working Principle

The working of SRC-Chopin is based on the preferential solvation and swelling of the three polymeric, network-forming flour components by selected, material-specific solvents. The greater the swelling, and the greater will be the resistance of the swollen network to compression by centrifugation and higher will be the solvent retention.

Determination Of Solvent Retention Capacity In Flour

The SRC-Chopin automates all the steps involved in determination of SRC. SRC determination involves the following 6 stages:

  • Precise weighing of flour
  • Injecting of solvents
  • Solvation by alternating sequences of shaking and resting
  • Centrifugal action
  • Draining the solution
  • Weighing of the remaining gel in the test-tube

Traditionally, for determining solvent retention capacity, the 6 steps mentioned above are done manually. Although the process is inexpensive when done manually, each step is highly prone to error and inaccuracy. Each laboratory will use different equipment (shaking, centrifuge), thus potentially leading to significant variations in test results. Most of the operations are operator-dependent which increases the possibility of variation in processes such as shaking. Hence, there is a widespread need for automation in the process of determining SRC.

The SRC-Chopin is the result of Chopin Technologies’ close collaboration with the inventors of the method. The instrument automates the entire analysis process which really simplifies the test and guarantees precise results. Weighing the tubes is done with a specific balance equipped with a scanner which minimizes test time and input errors.

The tubes containing the flour and the syringes containing the solvent are inserted into the machine according to the pre-test scheme indicated on the screen. After this, the only procedure that the operator has to do is start the test. The six steps will be performed automatically, and finally, the results will be displayed on the screen.

Applications Of SRC-Chopin

Due to its accuracy, quick operation, and simple working, it is popular in numerous industries, including:

Wheat Breeders

To obtain a certain flour functionality, parameters such as damaged starch, glutenins, and pentosans that directly influence final product quality need to be measured based on proportions by weight.

Wheat/Flour Millers

The flour and water sample would be stirred and kept at a constant temperature of 100°C for about 90 seconds. The viscosity of the gel is then measured. The value of the Hagberg Falling Number is then predicted accurately from this viscosity value. This method has been found to be nearly 66% faster.


High SRC values for lactic acid, sucrose, and sodium carbonate greatly impacts the volume and quality of baked product. Hence, monitoring these values is critical.

SRC-Chopin Price

Agaram Industries is the authorized distributor Chopin Technologies who manufacture instruments for automatic determination of solvent retention capacity, SRC-Chopin. To get a quotation with the SRC-Chopin price, you can fill up this form or directly send an email to

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