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Vibrac is a specialist manufacturer of electromechanical torque testing equipment. Initially, it started off manufacturing high-performance magnetic particle clutches and brakes. After a few years in the industry, it pivoted to designing and manufacturing precision torque testing systems for various applications such as bottle closures, bearings, motors, knobs, switches, medical devices, and aerospace components. With the experience gained over the years, Vibrac is now a well-established name in the field of torque testing.

Salient Features Of Model 2100 Cap Inspector

The Model 2100 Cap Inspector is popular in several different industries such as beverages, spirits, pharmaceutical, dairy, and cosmetics. Some of the salient features which make it a unique torque testing system are

Fully-Automated Operation

The Model 2100 Cap Inspector is a fully-automated closure torque tester, requiring no manual intervention. When compared to manual closure torque testers, the accuracy and repeatability are unparalleled.

Since torque is a function of acceleration, closure torque measured with a manual system completely relies on the acceleration generated by the operator. Practically, it is impossible for an operator to exert the same acceleration in every test cycle, therefore resulting in erroneous torque values. This problem is further exacerbated by different operators handling the system in different test cycles.

In order to solve this industry-wide problem, Vibrac added a motorized function to the Model 2100. This motor enables application of a constant acceleration on the closures, which results in accurate torque values.

Cost Benefit

The Model 2100 closure torque tester has proved to be a worthy investment for companies because of the following reasons:

  • Non-destructive testing: The Model 2100 can be programmed to apply torque on closures till the point where breakaway or peak removal torque value is reached. Once this pre-programmed value is reached, the motor stops and rotates the closure in the opposite direction to reset it to its original position. This leaves the seal intact and uncompromised. The tested bottle can be placed back on the production line and released for distribution. By this non-destructive testing methodology, companies have been able to save several thousands of bottles and thereby millions of dollars. You can check out a case study on non-destructive closure testing.
  • Increased sample throughput: When compared to any manual closure torque tester, the sample throughput achieved with the Model 2100 is several times higher. By this, the number of operators required for this testing is reduced drastically since a single operator can test several hundred samples a day without suffering from fatigue.

Universal Bottle Clamp

The Model 2100 is accompanied by a new and unique bottle clamp—the 2210 Neck Clamp. This clamp holds the bottle at the neck collar, which is the strongest point in the bottle. It is crucial to ensure that there is no compression and deformation caused while clamping. This is crucial especially in the new-age PET bottles which are all thin-walled.

Additionally, the 2210 Neck Clamp offers the following advantages:

  • Improved alignment and repeatable positioning
  • Quicker sample loading and removal
  • Elimination of adapter petaloid base plates
  • Compatibility with all Vibrac torque testers

Programmable Top Load Control

In child resistant closures (CRCs), an axial load is required for opening in addition to the torque. With manual torque testers, it is impossible to apply the same top load and torque each time a sample is tested. The Model 2100 can be programmed to apply the same top load each time a closure is to be tested for opening torque. The packaging division of pharmaceutical companies and CRC manufacturers find this option particularly useful.

21CFR Part11 Compliance

The Model 2100 is a preferred option in the pharmaceutical industry owing to its data integrity feature. The data recorded by the closure torque tester gets automatically saved and will be fully-compliant with the FDA 21CFR Part 11 regulations. Additionally, it can also be programmed to automatically transfer data to an SPC software.

Vibrac Closure Torque Tester Price

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