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Shenzhen 3nh Technology Co.Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of instruments for examining the visual appearance of objects. It was started in 1998 in the name of Shenzhen Tilo technology Co. Ltd. as a manufacturer of photoelectric detection technology instruments and colour management instruments.Their single-minded focus on technological improvements aided in coming up with products of the highest quality.

3nh, Tilo, and Sine Image are trademarks owned by the company, using which they promote instruments such as gloss meter, colorimeters/ spectrophotometers, coating thickness gauge and other visual/color inspection instruments. Tilo is a regarded name for several color matching instruments, light cabinets/booths, while Sine Image is popular for its instruments related to camera testing instruments.

The following are some of the products from Shenzhen 3nh Technology which are popular worldwide.

Gloss Meter

Gloss meter is an instrument used to measure how shiny a surface is. In technical terms, it is used to measure specular reflectance. It is popular in industries such as stones (marbles and granites), paints, automobile, leather, steel, and so on.

Shenzen 3nh Technology Pvt. Ltd. manufactures both single angle and multi-angle gloss meters. The single angle models are also called 60-degree gloss meters since they measure gloss at 60°. The multi-angle models measure gloss at 20°,60°, and 85°. In total, there are 8 models of gloss meters manufactured by 3nh, with each one differing in features such as data storage, statistical data for comparison, and additional test modes.


In industries where there is a need to quantitatively measure color for homogeneity, color assessment instruments are a necessity. One such color assessment instrument which is widely used across industries is the colorimeter. Shenzen 3nh Technology produces colorimeters which can measure color in various scales such as CIE L*a*b, CIE L*u*v, and a few more. These colorimeters have an ergonomic design and are extremely handy. Various models are available which vary based on aperture size, viewing geometry, colour difference formula, and so on.

Haze Meters

An important parameter in industries producing transparent or translucent products is their see-throughness. For example, packaging, glass, plastics, and films. For such applications, the haze meter is a useful tool. It helps to objectively determine the see-thoroughness by providing numeric values for parameters such as haze and transmittance.3nh Technology produces a wide variety of haze meters complying with international standards such as ASTM D1003 and many more. Also, some top-end models of haze meters offer the additional functionality of assessing the color of the samples being analyzed.

DFT Meter

In addition to gloss, one another parameter monitored closely in the paint and coating industry is dry film thickness (DFT), also called coating thickness. This parameter is to be monitored since it determines the life of the substrate, its anti-corrosive resistance, and performance. DFT meter, also called coating thickness gauge,is an instrument that can measure the thickness of coating in terms of micro-meters (um) to ensure that it is within permissible values. 3nh Technology Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a range of DFT meters which are compatible with magnetic and non-magnetic metal surfaces.

Gloss Meter, Colorimeter & DFT Meter Price

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