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What Is A Digital Torque Meter?

Digital torque meter (also torque gauge) is the generic term for instruments used for torque measurement. There are different types of torque meters based on the application, such as packaging testing, assembly verification, component testing, and calibrating tools such as manual, electric, and pneumatic screwdrivers, nut-runners, torque wrenches, and pulse tools.

The basic components of a digital torque meter include the torque transducer, electronics unit, software, and digital display unit. The torque transducer is the fundamental part of a digital torque meter since it is responsible for converting the torque into an electronic signal that can be processed and measured.

Mark-10 Digital Torque Meters

Mark-10 Corporation is a renowned manufacturer of force and torque measurement solutions, including different types of torque gauges, torque testers and force gauges. To cater to the ever-changing market needs, Mark-10 has constantly focused on improving its product line-up.

Since torque meters are used in different industries, it is quite difficult for one type of instrument to satisfy all the needs. Hence, Mark-10 has two different models:

  1.  TT02 Tool Torque Meters
  2.  TT03 Handheld Torque Meters



If you are looking for torque meters to measure the torque of bottle caps, check out Mark-10 bottle cap torque testers. This is how Mark-10 bottle cap torque testers look:


TT02 Torque Meters

The Series TT02 torque meters are chiefly used in industries and factory shop floors for testing and calibrating torque tools such as manual screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, pneumatic screwdrivers, and torque wrenches. There are four models available, each one differing based only on the maximum torque range and resolution.

Each torque meter comes with a 3/8” square receptacle that can accommodate all the common bits and attachments found in torque tools. If your torque tool bit has unique dimensions, you can add an adapter to the default square receptacle and measure the torque of the tool.

TT02 Torque Meter Features

  • Sampling rate: This determines how dynamic and accurate the value displayed is. TT02 torque meters have a blazing fast sampling rate of 7,000 Hz.
  • Built-in memory: In most applications, it will help if the instrument has the ability to save the recorded value. A lot of work and manual errors can be eliminated this way. These instruments have a built-in memory that can save up to 1,000 readings.
  • Data output: In addition to the values being stored in the instrument, certain applications might also require the data to be transferred to a PC for further processing. TT02 torque meters support data output via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs.
  • Data acquisition software:For data processing, tabulation of data is the first step. Tabulation of data can be done effortlessly using these torque meters since it comes with Mark-10’s proprietary MESUR™ Lite software. By the click of a button in the software, all the data can be transported to an Excel spreadsheet.

TT02 Data Sheet

For further technical details and specifications of TT02 torque meters, click here to download the data sheet.

TT02 Video Demo

To watch an online demonstration of how TT02 torque meters work, click here.

TT03 Torque Meters

TT03 torque meters are handy, portable systems that find application in almost every industry. The instrument consists of a separate digital display unit connected to a remote torque sensor with a Jacob’s chuck which will grip the sample, bit, or fixture. There are different models available, with each one differing based only on the maximum torque range and resolution.

They can be used for both clockwise and anti-clockwise torque measurement. Set point indicators are provided, making it ideal for pass/fail tests. Apart from being used separately, TT03 torque meters can also be coupled with manual or motorized test stands to perform more advanced and accurate tests.

TT03 Torque Meter Features

Safe overload: In production environments, instruments will be subjected to rough use. Torque meters might accidentally be used to measure a torque that is higher than the instrument’s capacity. To avoid damage and malfunction, Mark-10’s TT03 torque meters have a safe overload limit of 150% of the full scale. This means that the instrument can withstand a torque which is 1.5 times higher than its maximum capacity.

Display: The display unit of TT03 torque meters displays all the necessary information without the user having to move to a different screen. This includes live torque value, unit of measurement, peak value in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, live bar graphs, and set point indicators.

Data acquisition software: For easier data transport and processing, TT03 torque meters come packaged with the MESUR™ Lite software. With it, users can tabulate continuous or individual data points and also export all the data to an Excel spreadsheet by just clicking a button.

TT03 Data Sheet

For further technical details and specifications of TT03 torque meters, click here to download the data sheet.

TT03 Video Demo

To watch an online demonstration of how TT03 torque meters work, click here.

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