Kyowa Interface Science Co. Ltd., Japan

Kyowa Interface Science Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company that specializes in the field of interfacial science. Their extensive range of products include instruments to analyse different interfacial phenomena such as liquid contact angle, liquid surface tension, and friction.

The company, started in 1947, designed their first surface tensiometer in 1957. They were also the pioneers in contact angle meters and came up with their first model in 1960. They invented the first contact angle meter with the tilting table analysis method. This was a breakthrough since the tilting table method is the evaluation index for ‘wettability’.

The following are the different products in the manufacturer’s line-up, with each product having different models:

Contact Angle Meter

When there is an interface between a liquid and a solid, an angle would be formed between the surface of the liquid and the outline of the contact surface. This angle is known as the contact angle and is a determinant of the wettability of solid surfaces. Kyowa’s contact angle meter can automatically perform the series of steps necessary to determine the contact angle.

Surface Tensiometer

Surface tension is the tendency of liquid molecules to shrink and occupy the minimum surface area possible as a result of the intermolecular forces. There are different methods to determine the surface tension of liquids, namely Wilhelmy Plate, Du Noüy ring, Pendant drop, and maximum bubble pressure.

Friction Analyser

Friction is the resistance or the force that exists when two objects slide against each other. The magnitude of friction depends on a variety of factors such as material composition, load exerted, sliding speed, temperature, humidity, roughness, and a few more. Kyowa’s friction analyser setup consists of a stage on which the object moves. A load with the measuring unit is placed on the object and it generates the frictional force. The measuring unit detects the force and the software measures the coefficient of friction.

Peel Analyser

Various industries have diverse applications for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes (PSA). The performance of PSAs is characterized by tests to determine peel adhesion, shear resistance, tack strength, and so on. The parameters are crucial for industries manufacturing plat panel displays, semiconductors, solar batteries, and automobile. Using Kyowa’s peel analyser, PSAs can be evaluated in accordance with ISO 8510-1&2 using the 90° and 180° peel tests.

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