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Tewameter® TM Hex – Skin Transepidermal Water Loss Measurement Device | Courage+Khazaka, Germany

The Tewameter® is the most widely used instrument globally for measuring transepidermal water loss (TEWL) of skin. Designed, trademarked, and produced by Courage+Khazaka, the latest version of the probe is the Tewameter® TM Hex and is the successor of the Tewameter® TM 300.

In conjunction with the MPA CTplus software, it has become a powerful and useful tool to get deep insights into the skin barrier function. In addition to TEWL, it provides a few other crucial parameters such as local skin energy balance and water vapor concentration cH20 of the skin and ambience.

Tewameter® TM Hex Working Principle

The Tewameter® TM Hex is an open-chamber probe i.e. it measures the density gradient of water evaporation from skin by means of temperature and humidity sensors placed inside the hollow cylinder of the probe. The open chamber measurement method enables continuous assessment of TEWL without influencing its micro environment.

The latest version of the Tewameter® is equipped with 30 pairs of temperature and relative humidity sensors, making it the most accurate TEWL measurement device. The sensors are arranged in 6 columns with 5 sensor pairs each, hence the name Hex. When compared to its predecessor, the upgraded model collects 15x the amount of information resulting in increased accuracy and repeatability.

Salient Features of Tewameter® TM Hex

Open Chamber Measurement Method

The open chamber method of measuring TEWL presents several advantages over other methods such as closed chamber or condenser chamber. For more details on the advantages, check out this page:

Check Calibration Function

The Tewameter® TM Hex comes with a check calibration box to periodically ensure that the probe is within tolerance. This is useful for the user to be confident of the probe’s working condition. Additionally, it has a unique offset function to compensate for any slight deviation in values.

Additional Parameters

Apart from Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), the Tewameter® TM Hex provides other parameter such as local skin energy balance and water vapor concentration. These parameters provide a different perspective to analyse the barrier function of skin could be interest to researchers.

Other Tewameter® probes

Though the Tewameter® TM Hex covers almost all requirements, there are certain special applications that required Courage+Khazaka to develop special TEWL measurement probes. The following are the other probes in the Tewameter® family:

Tewameter® TM Nano

This is a TEWL probe with an exceptionally small open chamber having a diameter of 2 mm. This is particularly useful to evaluate the TEWL of inaccessible areas such as scalp, nails, lips, and so on.

Triple TM 330T

This innovative probe has three measurement heads to measure TEWL on three nearby skin sites simultaneously. The three heads measure independently.

Invitro Tewameter® VT 310

This probe is specifically designed for in-vitro TEWL measurements. It has a standard 15 mm head which makes it sit perfectly on a Franz cell.

Tewitro® TM 24

This setup can measure the TEWL of cultured tissue sets in up to 24 wells simultaneously.

Tewameter® TM Hex Price

Agaram Industries is the exclusive Indian distributor of Courage+Khazaka. To get a quotation with the Tewameter® TM Hex price or any other Tewameter® probe price, you can fill up this form or directly send an email to sales@agaramindia.com.

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