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The Cutometer® is the most established device for skin elasticity measurements. It is a versatile device that provides numerous parameters to analyse different aspects of skin elasticity. By virtue of being mentioned in several thousands of research publications, the device has been extensively validated to the extent that the term ‘Cutometry’ has become synonymous with skin elasticity measurements.

This probe is compatible with only the Cutometer® Dual MPA 580 main unit and is not available as a standalone device.

Cutometer® Working Principle

The Cutometer® probe works based on the suction method. The probe exerts negative pressure on the skin area to deform it mechanically and then releases it after a predefined time interval. Inside the probe, there is a non-contact optical measuring system to measure the penetration depth of skin and thereby evaluate the resistance of skin to negative pressure and its ability to return into its original position. The MPA CTplus software displays real-time graphs along with a variety of interesting parameters related to elastic and visco-elastic properties of skin surface and skin aging.

Salient Features of Cutometer®

The Cutometer® probe has certain distinct features that make it the most trusted skin elasticity measurement device in the industry. The following are some of the salient features.

Customizable Apertures

The Cutometer® probe is available with different aperture sizes such as 2, 4, 6 and 8 mm Ø. Before placing an order, the customer can decide which aperture size is needed based on the skin sites and study requirements. The MPA 580 offers the additional advantage that it can be simultaneously connected to two Cutometer® probes.

Spring Loaded Action

The probe features an elastic spring to ensure constant pressure application on the skin site while a measurement is being performed. Especially while performing skin elasticity measurements, the application pressure plays a crucial role and this feature of the Cutometer® probe helps produce comparable results.

Check Calibration

The probe is supplied with a calibration check tool to ensure that the probe is in proper working condition. The user can perform this procedure periodically to confirm that the probe parameters are within tolerance.

Cutometer® Price

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